• I lost a bet in college and had to run through a party wearing a man-thong/banana hammock.
  • I would think that he had lost his mind.
  • There are not many men who look good in a thong. I have only seen one man who did. No comment about my man.
  • Haha a guy in my dorm ran a around in a man thong just to be a smart azz.... he made sure to do jumping jacks right in front of my friends and I haha.
  • Gawd NO!!! In fact the thought of it is so scary I will tell beau next time I see him that this is NEVER to occur in my presence.
  • Do you have to try to wear a thong? Is it that difficult?:)
  • I'd think he was one sexy hunk of penguin;)
  • that would be ridiculous
  • I can immagine them really being that different from tighty whities that are a little too tight
  • thong is just another type of underwear, it’s fine for men to wear as long as they feel ok to wear them, wear the rite size & design/cutting, and wear it as “underwear”, don’t parade in public purposely; some gay don’t even like wearing thong, they only wear boxer and brief, does that mean all those people wear only boxer & brief are gay too, haha…come on, they r just plain jealous, outdated thinking, boring type of people who don’t dare to wear thong as underwear…. only wrong is wearing the wrong size, too fancy type which is not practicle; for the clean cut common thong, it’s streamline and keep the package in place…
  • I am a 17 year old male high school student, and I wear thongs frequently. Thongs provide good support and are great for athletic activity in which you could potentially "flop around". I don't mind boxer briefs except for when they become really loose. I cannot stand boxers; they bunch up if you wear tight pants and they provide no support for athletic activity. For any girls who cannot understand this concept, imagine trying to do a lot of jumping jacks without anything to support your chest - it would probably be painful after a while. Thongs also are great for hot weather. They are nice and breezy and it saves "the boys" from the discomfort of sweat. I am fully aware that thongs may not look good on some guys, however, the same is true for girls; it all depends on your body type and shape. I personally think they look good on myself, but then again I am only 10% body fat and I am in shape. No girl that has seen me in one has been grossed out but then again i have never dated a narrow-minded person.
  • I am a 16 year old guy (straight) and i wear male thongs regularly, i cant stand boxers i wear thongs and briefs as my main underwear and jockstraps to the gym... thongs are comfortable and like the other guy said to they look great. My ex girlfriend and my current girlfriend likes me wearing thongs.
  • had an ex who put on one of my lace thongs... keyword here is EX
  • He knows that such things are a turn off and therefore a no no.
  • Eww eww eww eww eww. That's all I have to say about that!
  • Im a Straight guy and i wear thongs they are much more comftable than boxers due to they dont bunch up and you have more support but its all down to fit and style that has to be right or you will be uncomftable x
  • im a girl i would laugh if i came homw with my guy in my thong (even worse his own thong!) for my 18th birthday he an dhis best mate dressed as fireman and did a stipshow in front of my family and friends and they was wearing male thongs, was hilarious!
  • Ward, wear a thong?!!! Puleeze!
  • Everyday male thongs 11 quid for 5 multipack!!!!
  • ... a skimpy Speedo swim suit was the closest I ever tried to wear, and with frequent "side slip" falling out, I only wore it to swim in once ...
  • I think they're comfortable and i feel good when I wear them. I like to have sex in them too... you know just pull them to the side and go.
  • if i caught my guy . he he . don't know what i would do . Jue . think he does though . he he
  • I would never wear one..if my wife wont wear one cause they are uncomfortable then i sure dont want to wear one
  • The thong's the thing. All you need is a good firm body and the right size thong. That's not as easy as it sounds.
  • i wear nothing under my clothes. i dont wear bras or undies. i sometimes just walk around the house naked.
  • Never tried one but I guess if the wife asked I'd try it.

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