• They are shallow, phony, two faced people that aren't worth knowing.
  • Hypocrisy, we've all been guilty of that to a certain extent at a given time. People probably are hoping to get some benefit out of it by not showing their true selves.
  • Some people just simply believe that the best way to advance themselves socially or professionaly is by stepping on the necks of others. They forget or don't realize that the asses you kick on the way up you have to kiss on the way down.
  • I think they are very unhappy with their selves. So they pretend to be what they arent. When they talk behind their backs, it is to make their self feel better.
  • Some people do it because they are afraid. Some people do it because they don't want anyone to know they aren't as sweet and perfect as they say they are. Others do it because they are in the sticky position of having to pretend to like someone to keep the peace. Others do it because they enjoy the two faced game.
  • not sure
  • its probably cause they are fake

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