• Doctors, nurses, paramedics, policemen and firefighters among others wouldn't be able to function without the release given by black humour. I don't believe that any topic is off-limits for humour, provided it isn't done in an offensive way or inappropriate circumstances.
  • I don't think there are inappropriate topics, just inappropriate timing
  • I think there is a difference between saying things in humor, making jokes, and ridiculing people, things, or beliefs. I don't like when anyone makes jokes at other's expense, hurting people deliberately or by accident by being thoughtless with their words. I feel it is possible to be very funny and still be respectful and kind to people. I never like seeing people hurt over anything, least of all something that makes people laugh and should be for happiness and not pain.
  • A bad joke for an one person is not the bad joke for another. The relativity is in the place. But in extreme or sad times people are unresponsive for jokes.
  • It depends on the time and place, there are some questions I would not answer with a joke, because the person who asked them in my opinion would be upset by it, and there are some subjects I would joke about with my mates, because I know THEY would not be offened, but not here because I don't know who is reading and if they will be offended or not :-)
  • Personally, I don't find rape, torture, and the abuse of children / animals all that amusing. Maybe everything is fair game, but joking about some subjects is just plain crude.
  • Yes, there are things that are not to be joked about: rape, child abuse among them. Sure, people make jokes about them, but it is in poor taste. I listened to a Zimbabwean comedian making jokes about starving children in Africa. I was horrified that someone from a country where there is obvious suffering could make light at it, and even sadder that people were laughing.
  • Everything is funny is my opinion. I like to see the shock in someones face when I say cruel or hateful things. Cruel and hateful things will always be around, so let's make it fun and joke about it once in a while. Plus, most people who "care" about such subjects, aka child abuse, rape, starvation, etc, DO NOT REALLY CARE. If you take offense to anything that does not actually pertain to YOU in some way, then you are in fact a sad human being.
  • What you think is funny I might think is very lame and vice-versa. Further, you don't have any idea what experiences we have what you consider funny about some situation may be very hurtful to me because of my specific history, about which you know absolutely nothing. Some people think they are hilarious..when in fact they are tediously boring. What is "funny", what is "truth", what are the standards of "beauty"...not the same for everyone. You can make a joke about anything of course..whether we find it amusing or hurtful you cannot control. Happy Saturday! :)
  • A person won't find it funny if the subject is too painful for them. If you know that someone will not like the joke then it is wrong to joke about it. Unless you're a mind reader you don't know how a lot of people will react to something. I think in theory you can laugh about anything. A friend of a friend was a paramedic, we all ordered pizza one night and when he came in he said - "that looks like the guy I just scraped off the road" I have to say I didn't laugh, but I wasn't offended because I could tell that he hadn't enjoyed it - it was his way of dealing with the horror. Maybe that's the difference. If your audience can tell that you don't, say, think peadophilia is no big deal, then you can get away with making jokes about it. Unless any of them are too affected by it. At best they won't laugh, at worst they'll get angry. I don't think you can some up with a risque joke that everyone will laugh at. (Now there's a challenge!)

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