• well, this probibly aint much help, but im in the basic same spot. I would try to surprise him every once and a while at work. and enjoy what time u do spend together. If u dont feel like its working out then end it.
  • my now husbanad used to work all the time. I finally couldnt take it anymore and I asked him to change jobs or things werent going to work out. he looked for a higher paying job with less hours. now, he has a great job and things couldnt be better. I know how it is. If you think things could go all the way into marriage then talk to him and tell him how you feel. if hes the one, then everything is worth it. good luck!
  • Being young he is devoting more time for the development of his career. You need to give him as much encouragement as possible. He is doing all these for you and the family that he will build with you. One week in a month may appear to be brief. You need to perceive relationship is to be built on quality time and not on the quantity of it.
  • No matter how much he works, you'd think he could still set aside more time for you. Have you told him how you feel? Maybe you should ask him if he's got time for a relationship (only do this if you think you can stand to hear a "no" answer). This will help him realize that you could walk if he doesn't make time for the relationship. Good luck, honey. Let us know how it goes.
  • one week a month (7days) is more than spending every Friday together, its almost as much as spending every friday and saturday together. What about not having the week at all, would you want to loose him? -- I just try to look at the opposite side of what seems to be a bleak situation. Sometimes when we look around us, we already have the answer.
  • I am vailable all month long.
  • Im sooo in the same boat as you. Tell him how you feel. Communication is key. Sometimes just sharing it will be enough. Ask yourself what you want what do you think your are missing out on if anything What would you do if you had more time with each other Is he the one etc etc Lifes all about balance Think about his side too mayb it hasnt occurred to him Mayb he has to work that hard n hates it If you dont talk you will never know Never allow yourself to beliving the grass is greener on the other side. Its just the same but from another angle Good luck
  • If he is working for a good reason and is not just a workaholic, then you need to ask yourself if this realationship is worth it for you and if you are happy in it. If it is and you love him, then you need to support him by encouraging him and not making him feel guilty. If it feels like there is not much of a relationship, maybe you should consider facing that and move on.

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