• Those who don't agree with your political views can be quite hateful and vitriolic.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      you deserved it.
  • If it looks like a monkey, talks like a monkey, acts like a monkey... it's probably a politician.
  • If you're President, read the terrorist reports.
  • Find some moderate zone between doing what you feel is best and trying to please everybody.
  • That presidential hopefuls might do well to read "The Prince" by Niccolo Machiavelli.
  • That compared to Hillary, he ain't all that bad.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      got dumb?
  • 1-complete mess is not that hard to make. 2-having a "woman" like Ms. condy will make it go faster. 3-no matter what you have done to the world, your daddy will fix it again and you can play with it next day. 4-some of us are still under evolution process but it's too slow.
  • Not just any loser can be president, you have to be related!
  • You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time.
  • That we need to encourage everyone who is old enough to register to vote, and actually go out and do it!
  • Knowledge from evidence is better than faith. "Staying the course" if the ship's heading for an iceberg may not be the best policy. IQ is more important than a goofy grin.
  • Failure to surround yourself with good people to advise you will lead to failure.
  • Sniffing glue really does cause brain damage.
  • The next president has to be highly skilled in foreign policy and in the use of his presidential powers. Barack is not that man based on his lack of leadership experience. Being a dynamic speaker does not qualify for the job. Sorry for the political backdrop.
  • A dumb president is smarter and consistently beats the daylights out of the leftist opposition in the public debate on what we actually need to do in difficult situations.
  • That if you get enough democrats in the media, you can make even a president who lied under oath, cheated on his wife and then admitted to it in a book to make money look good.
  • That we should cast an informed vote for the man who has the intelligence to do what is required to meet the needs of our country and what our country deserves. We must forget political parties and stop believing we only have two. We the voters must think twice, do good and extensive research before casting our vote. Don't forget to go and VOTE!!!
  • dummy's in office aren't very helpful.
  • "And the walls came down All the way to hell Never saw them when they're standing Never saw them when they fell..."
  • Moms who drink while they're pregnant shouldn't tell their kids they can grow up to be President.
  • What you see is what you get
  • *When under attack a nation must defend itself. *Freeing an entire country of oppression is costly in many ways, but worth it. *Failure to protect borders has severe consequences. *Listen to your commanders on the ground. The surge was way too late. It's great that it worked and success is at hand, but it should have come much sooner. *Not drilling domestically has serious consequences, the drilling ban should never have been in place, much less not lifted until there was an energy crisis. *A Republican president who does not stand by conservative principles and goes along with the liberals in spending money like crazy and allow the already bloated government to grow out of control is no better than the Democrats.
  • That assination is an underutilized method of solving a leadership crises. That little boys who blow up frogs with fire crackers can grow up to blow up real human beings in far away lands. That alcoholism and cocane abuse dosn't affect your ability later in life to mangle the english language. That deserting your national guard unit in a time of war is about as serious a crime as jay-walking. That when the country needs a leader in a time of crisis the best thing to do is read "MY PET GOAT" to children then you hop back into your plane and fly around aimlessly for hours like a demented bat afraid of the sun. That if your a wanted terrorist with a huge bounty on your head your as safe as if you were in your mothers arms. If your going to "catapult the propaganda" to the United Nations" you get a photogenic ex-general to tell your lies for you. If you live in New Orleans - don't - move!!! That "Liberation" actually means "endless occupation". The phrase "Smaller goverment" actually means "larger goverment". A "budget surplus" is in reality a "budget defeciet". I could go on here - and on - and on - and on - but I'm depressed enough as it is with just this said.
  • That someone doesn't need to be able to speak English to be president of the US
  • that money really can buy anything. that just because you have a degree from a a place like Harvard or Yale doesn't mean that you have any brains or common sense or can put 2 words together to make any sense.
  • Money really does buy everything! You don't gotta be a muslim to be a terrorist! Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. My daddy can beat your country up!
  • do not repeat the mistakes, learn and move on.
  • Never elect a not so smart President who only graduated from Yale because Daddy was on the board and pulled some strings and then he still only managed C's and D's and that dodges wars like Vietnam (sign of a coward) and has to pick a VP who is a sly fox to actually run the country. The sly fox will come out on top every time.
  • Spay and neuter your presidents.
  • We learned that our politicians are liars and murderers and that stupidity must be a major at Yale (as long as you double minor in being a power broker's kid and being rich).
  • We learned that the media can sculpt news and form public opinion.
  • That if we thought that something like Nazi Germany couldn't happen again. We need to think again, cause Bush was pretty damn close to the same thing.
  • You can't cure stupid.
  • Help a nation in need and actually dont backstab it at the same FUCKING time.
  • Future presidential candidates should all be able to score at least average on an IQ test, and not have seriously abused cocaine and alcohol in the past, and not have people vote for them just because their daddy used to be President.
  • Avoid answering the questions and remain favorable with the republican party.

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