• For most people obsessed with celebs and athletes is simply because they live the jet-set lifestyle, live in large mansions, drive ultra-expensive cars (e.g., Lamborghinins, Ferraris), etc. Many people idolize their lifestyles. However, keep in mind, that many celebs and athletes, too, are highly unhappy individuals because they're trying to find happiness through others, their careers, moeny, and material possessions.
  • There is a theory that for teenagers in particular having a crush or falling in "love" with a celebrity or athlete is a way of trying out sexual and romantic feelings on an object who is not in a position to hurt them in a way that a "real" relationship could. They are unlikely ever to meet the object of their affection, or know the real them with all their failings, and are therefor efree to project whatever images they like onto them. This allows a sort of practice ground for experimenting with sexual feelings without the potential problems of getting involved in a real sexual relationship. A sort of practice run, if you like. Many people who have been hurt in the past, or who are lonely also foster these crushes, perhaps because they are frightened of the pain that a real relationship might cause. After all you can't be cruelly dumped by someone you've never met.
  • I agree with the answer posted before. Also I think the reason people have crushes on celebrities because they usually have something admirable about them and because they are usually attractive. As time goes on of course people will develop crushes or romantic relationships on real people and their non existent crush will fade as all of them do.
  • Because we have no lives. And by "we," I mean people who love celebrities.
  • We? I don't care for their lives. I've never received a thing from a celebrity other than a small measure of entertainment, but I've been just as entertained watching a cat fight.
  • I don't have a clue why some people are star struck. It is a very twisted way of looking at people and society.
  • I have no interest in celebrities. Waste of time. If you're interested in celebrities, then you don't have enough interesting things going on in your life, and you should maybe get a hobby or something.

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