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  • People are not the sum of their disabilities. To answer your question, yes.
  • I am someone with disabilities and I find your question very offensive. -3
  • Yes and yes. I'm an equal opportunity kind of person.
  • I am all ready married, but for the sake of discussion, YES. Of course I would, if we were a good match. Disabilities do not count against a person's personality, sense of humor, capacity to love and be loved, etc. A disability can even make a person stronger and more compassionate. I would never determine a disability to be a turn-off.
  • I know how o do both, but I like RollerSkates better, but I can hardly stop with bot.....I gues my future'll never be the same... T_T
  • Definately yes.
  • I don't know why someone downrated this. It is an honest question. For me, it depends on what type of disability. I could not date someone with a mental disability. I would just be dating that person out of sympathy, and that would be unfair. I am friends with individuals with mental disabilities, but I could never date them. Physical disabilities are just that, physical, and I would have no problem dating someone with one.
  • I know how to skate ok.. I can't go fast and then stop quickly from that high speed. But I do the best I can without falling. -EDIT- The question for this got changed and then moved because the new question was a duplicate. Original question was "If you know how to skate/rollerblade, how well can you stop", or something along the lines of that.
  • i am with someone who is disabled and yes we are going to get married.. just cause there disabled doesnt mean there not a person..
  • With mental disability No. I might end up like her in the long run. Physical Disability yes. I will. I'll willingly take care for her. till the end of my time. She may have lost her sight / arms / limbs etc. But she aint gonna loose my love. And I'll be more comfortable having a disabled wife. Because those people know more how to appreciate and how to love. than the enabled ones. (no offense, just my point of view)
  • To me everyone has some form of disability, wether is physical, emotional, spirituality or mentally.
  • I find that I take notice of a woman who is taller than her partner. As a tall woman I would not feel comfortable dating a shorter man. If I saw a person, with a disability, with a partner I don't think that I'd look twice! Doubt I'd even notice. So in conclusion, yes to marrying someone with a disability but no to a shorter man. I do not intend to offend, please do not take offence. Regards
  • If I was still in the 'looking' stage, yes, I would consider anyone as a mate. I don't believe in 'disabilities'. They are just something that someone can't do and there are always things that everybody can't do. So what?
  • If I really really loved the person, it wouldnt matter to me whether they are disabled or not.
  • Yes I would marry someone with a disability. I would date such a person. I would want to feel loved and to love that person and not be concerned with the disability. Just that their heart and their feelings not be disabled.
  • I dont see why not, I have talked with my girlfriend about this if something did happen to one of us and we both still would want to be married to eachother. At my church I know a cool guy that has a physical disability but he is in my mind one of the coolest guys to know and hes engaged. - Love conquers all.
  • To me it is about people, and personality and good souls. I have dated a guy in a wheel chair. He broke back in a skiing accident. We are still close friends. I have also dated guys that are not some ideal star quarterback (I actually turned him down for a date.) Some of my friends don't get it but it is their loss for judging a book by it's cover.
  • I was dating someone with a disability. He had panic attacks, couldn't be around crowds of people he didn't know unless he was rediculously drunk. It had nothing to do with why we broke up. I don't see a problem with dating or marrying someone with a disability. They are people with feelings and everything, so why wouldn't you? If you love em enough, it shouldn't really matter.
  • My boyfriend has ADHD and it doesn't change my love for him.
  • Of course I would. Everyone has different abilities. By the way, ADHD is covered under the American Disabilities Act. So technically (even though I think it's ridiculous) I have a disability too.
  • Just because one may have a disability, dose not mean they are less than one without. When I date or if ever marry someone. It is & always will be for what is within that persons HEART......Just my point of view.......M.C.S.
  • No I wouldnt marry someone with a disability, but I wouldnt marry someone who didnt have a disability either. I would not have a problem dating someone that had a disability though. (just not a big marriage fan) :)
  • More people than you think have disabilities. Many of them are good at hiding it. So I'm going to ask you a question: Are you disabled, or just an ass?
  • i wouldn't rule it out but it honestly depends on the individual and how we clicked in the first place i'm big on maturity regardless of age i like hanging out with lots of people and being in relaxed but social atmospheres i love music and i can talk music theory for hours with the right person i'm into having deep theoretical or political conversations with my best friends if anybody fits that qualification, regardless of disability, i wouldn't rule them out then
  • When you start dating someone you will in most cases not know s/he has some disability. If you like a person does any disability harm an upcoming relationship?
  • The first boy I ever had a crush on was deaf. He was very cute and sweet.
  • Oh man, James McAvoy in "Rory O'Shea was here" aka "Inside I'm Dancing"... HELL YES!!!! He proved it to me, I wouldn't care if he had no limbs!
  • I had a huuuuuge crush on Christopher Reeve Aka Superman
  • The heart and the mind will not be disabled so of course.
  • I have several disabilities so yes, I would. People that wouldn't marry someone with a disability aren't worth having in my opinion. A person doesn't choose to be disabled and a person who refuses a relationship for that reason is a jack***. I had a guy interested in me one time and he asked where I worked and i said I was on disability and he hung up.. he didn't meet me, get to know me or know anything about me..he just hung up..That was his loss. I am a great person and I have disabilities but I would make him a great friend and maybe a great wife but you know what screw him. I would prefer someone with a disability so I don't have to worry about them running off at the first time a challenge comes along.
  • I would without even thinking about it
  • Yes I would as I am disabled with mobility issues. I dont hide my disability,what you see is what you get. I met a lady friend at a website for disabled persons and who knows we might even marry. I think its most unlikely I would marry a Dev/Admirer. However a friend of mine married one and it has worked. This answer may shock some but welcome to our world.LOL
  • What is a disability? The person who judges another before even getting to know them has a major disability.

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