• the ones where i need more time to be ready
    • Linda Joy
      like what?
  • A game of dare involving jumping off a cliff.
    • Linda Joy
      LOL good one!
  • hahaha that is very wise.
  • Any party I go to IF I go to one. I say if because I never get invited anymore anyway.
    • Linda Joy
      So make your own! Good to see you again!
    • Rick Myres
      I tried that once and it was not a good experience.
  • Actually, once in my kitchen, the 3rd mouse got the cheese since the first two were in a tie. Exterminators are surprised when I tell them about that.
  • The poisoned food tester. The school shooter engager. The suicide victim finder. The person giving me bad news.
  • I would rather not be in a situation where someone else is put in the middle of something. It is not fair to them.
    • Linda Joy
      You didn't answer the question and I'm not even going to ask what the crap you're talking about this time. I'm not playing this stupid game anymore.

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