• I'm paddling into the Fountain. And I would like to be 25 for eternity, if that is okay.
  • the money tree since im out of work
  • Time machine. Then I can go back and invest in Apple while they were still in the garage tinkering around. Oh yeah, and I'd go back and kick my ass for not taking that job in Austin.
    • Linda Joy
      Why not just take the job?
    • Archie Bunker
      Waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy too long ago.
    • mushroom
      Now, why do people say they'd use the time machine to go back and do something purely selfish? How about warning the FBI and the media (because the cops would think you're a crackpot) before 9/11 and Columbine? Go back further to Jonestown? Then buy some Google stock.
    • Linda Joy
      Why do you assume buying apple is selfish? You don't know what he plans to do with the money. Maybe he wants to give it to Mission Smile or the Fistula Foundation. You don't know its for selfish reasons. (though I'll admit in this case... lol)
  • I would have a time machine. Go back in time and visit.
    • Linda Joy
      Who would you visit?
    • mushroom
      Watch the old TV series "Quantum Leap."
    • Linda Joy
      Watch the movie Frequency!
    • mushroom
      "12 Monkeys" (1995) and plenty of other time travel flicks.
  • Right now all I need is HRT so I can get my life back. I'd like my final years to at least be pleasant and enjoyable.
    • Linda Joy
      Why do you need HRT? I can sympathize with that last part! I feel ya sistah!
  • fountain of youth

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