• I started to express my milk when my daughter was 6 months old and teething so she didn't get used to having me around to nurse. It's been awhile but as I recall when she was teething she used to get really fussy about eating. She'd take a few drinks and pull away and scream and then go back. It would just keep on that way. Keep an eye on her and get her to eat the best you can now, and as soon as you can, I would wean her from nursing directly so it's not as hard when she gets older. Seeing 5 year olds still nursing on their mother is a little disturbing.
  • my sixth month old son does the same thing he "clicks" while feeding especially when the teething days are really rough for him. As long as she feels like nursing let herif she doesn't its okay too, sometimes you will just have to be ready to nurse on demand when you walk thru the door, and then again not long after when she "needs" a drink she won't refuse anything, I am sure she is fine. try tylenol in the am or with the caregiver to ease some of the pain for her and just another hint a sippy cup with ice in it and the silcone sipper my son worships his cup its cold and he can chew on it yummy!!! good luck!
  • Yes the changes with in them will makes like that. If persists better to see a doc.
  • just breast feed her if she wont drink from a bottle

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