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  • If you ask her out and go with her, you may ruin your friendship with your best friend. That, of course, MIGHT NOT happen (Story: I was going to ask a girl out, and my best friend beat me to it. They've been together ever since (about 30 years) and he's still my best friend.) I'm pretty easy-going about that, though... Some people aren't. WHEN did she tell him "no"? Does he have a gf now? How much would it bother you if you went and he didn't want to be your friend any more? Do you think you could ask HIM what he would think, feel, and do? You need to decide, based on what you know of the people involved, and on advice you get here. I hope it works out for you. Good Luck.
  • Personally, I say go for it. I realize people might hate me for answering this way, but I have my reasons. I don't think it's fair for the girl to not have a chance with you just because your best friend likes her. If he really likes her, he would want her to be happy, right? What if the two of you are right for each other? Is it fair for your best friend to deny the two of you going out just because of his 'feelings'? My boyfriend's best friend liked me before we went out. If my boyfriend said no because of his best friend's crush on me, I would be extremely crushed. It helped that he was over me by the time that my boyfriend asked me out (or so he says), though. I liked one of my boyfriend's best friends OTHER best friends before my boyfriend, though. That guy kept telling me that he couldn't date me because _ _ _ _ _ liked me. That was so frustrating. Argh!
  • I think you should take it easy and not ask her out.There will be other girls that will show interest in you:)
  • I think if you really want to ask her out, you should see how your friend would feel about it.
  • I think you should wait a little, feel the situation out, and then if you think it would be right to ask then do it... what'd you have to lose? I understand you could lose your friendship, or it could become awkward, I was in a similar situation, but if you really like someone and they are your good friend then they will figure out a way to like you. Also they could have just said that as an example or they are on the rebound and just wanted somebody.

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