• well done. Is that what you have been advised to eat by a dietician?
  • If you not trying to lose weight. Then hey well done
  • Party time, WooHoo!!!!! I have gained 10 pounds in the last month. I make a lot of chocolate shakes. I havent been this weight since my divorce 5 years ago, because of an illness.
  • Sure. . .yeahhhhhhhhhhhh! My BMI was like 12/13. I was told to go eat a hamburger. LOL. Good for you. I love cheesecake. I saw your comment. I was 87-90, so I understand where you're coming from.
  • You can have my mom's weight. She is trying to lose it ;) Ya no but seriously congratulations!!!
  • Congrat! Keep it up! Also, try eating lots of vegies and carbs. Try to stay away from fast food though. Work out often as well. It matters on your health more than anything.
  • wow, congrats to you! LOL...but, you can't eat ice cream and cheesecake forever, girl! You got one of the all-you-can-eat buffet places close by?
  • The number on the scale has very little significance. What is far more important than the total weight are the various percentages of the various body cell types ... what percent of your body is : skin cells, blood cells, bone cells, organs, tendons, ligaments, muscle, cartilage, nerves, and of course how much of your body is fat cells ??? ... if you are increasing only fat cells and/or water retension to get a higher total weight, then you are making a serious mistake and the 5 Lbs. you gained is a terrible thing that you now need to loose ... but if the gain is in increased bone density, more muscle mass, better developed tendons, etc., then the 5 Lbs. gained is excellent, congrats, and keep going.
  • I'll send you 5!!!!
  • Yes I'm happy to share my excess Lisa, just let me know where to send
  • :D yaaaaaay! :P a hardees/carls jr triple thickburger with bacon and cheese will add 20 lbs, and prolly a heartattack hahahahahahaha
  • congrats! make sure that you eat a lot of healthy stuff too though, not just fat and sugar. there's a lot of healthy stuff that's high in calories- pasta and rice, some kinds of fish, etc. avocados and stuff have healthy fats in them as well. even though you are very skinny it's important to build muscle and not only fat. i'm not saying fat is bad- by all means, gain weight- you are in NO danger of being "fat!" i just mean that for health reasons, you don't want to put a sudden strain on your heart, you know? again congratulations!

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