• skip the whole using friends to relay messages thing. tell her yourself. i know its difficult, but its not like you are telling her you love her. just make it casual, start up a conversation with her, and find a way to slip it in.
  • If you cannot tell a girl directly how you feel about her, you are not ready to date. Confidence is attractive. What can go wrong? She's says "no" - so what? life isn't over, you have plenty of years to date. So seriously, get her alone for a moment one day - if you see her talking with her friends, walk up to her and say 'hey, can i talk to you for a second?' Then tell her how you feel, or ask her if she would like to become better friends. Don't just ask her out - you need to develop a friendship, get to know each other. Find out each other's likes and dislikes. You are different ages, so it may be more difficult, girls tend to mature a little faster and may find you immature. Don't be nervous abuot becoming friends with someone. This isn't going to alter your life.

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