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  • Both. It takes to two tango.
  • Depends, if the woman knew the man was married, then both, but the man is the one being unfaithful to the vows he took and so ultimately he should carry the majority of the blame.
  • The married man is the one who would incur my wrath - the younger unmarried woman was probably lied to (my wife is a bitch, she doesn't understand me, we are getting a divorce, she won't give me a divorce, blah blah blah)
  • both. morally. but mostly the married man
  • Both. It takes two for a relationship.
  • Regardless of younger/older female/male ...the one who is married or with someone else is more at fault....the one who is single should have more self respect!
  • I would place *slightly* more blame on the married man. No, the unmarried woman is not entirely blameless, but one is supposed to develop wisdom with age. Also, the young woman may not be aware of the devastating effects such an affair can have on a marriage, whereas the married man SHOULD be aware of it. . . .
  • Neither is more to blame than the other. Young, in this context, seems to imply a lack of experience that would make one vulnerable. I disagree. The sex of either is also irreleveant as far as I am concerned. Married is also irrelevant when one gets down to it. Cheating is cheating and no matter how you slice it, the answer is the same. . .it takes two to tango.
  • I wouldn't say a blanket answer for this is fair at all. What if the girl didn't know the man was married? What if the girl persued a man she knew was married relentlessly, or manipulated him in some way (alcohol, etc.)? There's no way to lay general blame. Or judge people fairly. So don't.
  • Both are equally responsible. The man made a choice to be unfaithful and the woman, no matter how the man presented his marriage, went in with open eyes (assuming she was aware he was married).
  • The man, he's the one cheating. Besides, for all you know, he lied to the girl about being married.
  • I'm wondering why anyone needs to blame anyone? They have their own problems to work out, with any third party who might be involved. It sounds like a case for either a lawyer or a counselor. Trying to assign blame is not the most effective way to solve the conflict. There isn't any way for the casual onlooker (me)to know without any further information.
  • The man. It is not the woman's responsibility to safeguard his marriage. If you are married, it is YOUR job to be faithful, it is YOUR job to honor your vows, it is YOUR JOB to not put yourself in the position to cheat.
  • If I were the spouse, I'd blame my man since that's who I exchanged vows with.
  • the man - he is the one who has a wife and has a responsbility to uphold.
  • The married man, after all he is the one with a commitment not her.
  • equal fault to both. it takes two to tango and she's not exactly stupid - married people are married no questions asked she shouldn't have messed around and he's supposed to remember what that ring around his finger's supposed to mean...
  • The man is an adulterer and the slut he took to bed is a fornicator. It's a coin toss which activity you frown on more, they both seem like lousy titles.
  • That would depend on whether the younger woman knew or not. If she was not aware that the man was married, then he would be completely to blame. However, if she knew he was married before she got involved, or even afterwards, then she has as much blame as him.
  • The married man is the one who is supposed to be in a committed relationship. So, HIM!
  • The married man is the one who made the commitment not to do it..he is to blame for breaking his contract.
  • They are both cheats,so I would say both are to blame.
  • the married man
  • I wouldn't blame either one. It's not my place, nor is it my desire, to judge the relationship between two consenting adults.
  • depends on who's doing the blaming. if i was the wife then i would blame the husband. tempation is always out there its your actions that define you.
  • This exactly describes me and my boyfriend. He is now finally divorced thou. He is 12 yrs older. If blame were to be passed around I would say it is equal. He shouldnt've started calling me all the time. I shouldnt've suggested we go out to dinner as "friends". I shouldnt've showed him partially nude pictures of myself on my cell phone. He shouldnt've leaned in and kissed me. I should've gone home that night. I didn't. I know what some people may be thinking about this, but life is short and in the end you follow your heart. None of it was pre-planned. He was just very unhappy in his marriage and I fell in love with him. The timing was wrong, but the love is SO right. We are both to blame. For being immoral. But for also creating an awesome love together against all odds.
  • none if both love so much they can't live without each other anymore...
  • Both of them are to blame. I'd say the one who started it and the one who didn't finish it holds the most blame, but yeah... If the younger woman didn't know he was married, it would be totally different. In that case, I'd say that the man is more to blame.
  • the man the young woman isn't breaking a promise to the one who loves her most
  • The married person is more to blame regardless of age or gender. The unmarried person is not breaking his/her vows. They are still WRONG, but your question lacks details. For instance, we don't know if the "younger woman" knows the married man is married.
  • They are both in the wrong. As long as it isn't a rape, either could have stopped before it went too far. I don't think it really matters which one was more at fault.
  • Assuming the "young" woman is of consentual age and she had prior knowledge of his marital status, culpability is shared!
  • I wouldn't blame either of them. But, if you are talking about some sort of objective ethical violation, I would say the man. The women hasn't done anything wrong. She never took any vows, and that's what this is about, right?
  • The blame for the affair would fall on the shoulders of the husband IMO. It was he who made the promises to love and honor, the girl made no pact with anyone.
  • they're equal in fault.
  • If the young woman knew he was married, both of them are equally to blame for ever starting the relationship in the first place.
  • Both are to blame, but I think the man who is MARRIED would be MORE to blame.
  • He is all to blame. But I believe a man can have more than one wife. I also don't believe in sex outside of marriage. So a married man can court a single woman with the intention of marrying her. She must also be accepted by my wife. If my wife vetoes a prospect then we move on.
  • They're both to blame.
  • I am afraid that there are several aspects of your question that are unclear. For example, it appears as though it might be significant that the woman is younger than the man... and... WHO should be blamed for WHAT exactly? Did something happen? The only known fact is that the man is cheating on his wife. Everything else is unknown. Does she know that he was married? Does the woman blackmail or seduce him? Does she know the man's wife? Is she involved in another relationship with someone else? I am left with too many unknowns to give a meaningful answer.
  • Both. Neither one is somehow more to blame than the other, though at least the woman isn't cheating on anyone. She is, however, knowingly contributing to his adultery.

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