• Life can only be understood looking backward. It has to be lived looking forward. We've all made mistakes, we all have situations in life which are the result of what we did (or didn't do) in the past. And some of those situations can be pretty tough. But even so, each moment is entirely new -- your situation is the raw material for creating the future. You're not stuck with it, even down to things like your self-esteem and personal beliefs. But there's a catch: if you want a future that isn't just a repeat of the past, you have to be willing to let go of things from the past -- even the things you think are really worth holding on to. That takes some courage.
  • Get a holt of those boot straps. You couldn't be the one that you were before if you wanted to, so there you go, decision made. I mean you can't un know what you know. You can't unmake your mistakes. Stand up and be who you are now you can decide who you want to be as you go.
  • It's good that you don't want to be who you were before because it isn't going to happen. Every experience, good or bad, changes you. The goal now is to figure out what lessons that this experience has taught you are worth holding onto. Obviously something bad happened to turn "incredible" into this overwhelming loss. Grief over that is to be expected. How you feel now will probably not be how you feel when you are done grieving the loss. While you can't be who you used to can be happy again.

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