• I really know how you feel (but im not a guy!) because i had a bf who was a lot older than me... but when we were together, it was the best time of life. anyway. you can help her by being there and comforting her. if her parents are giving her "words" and punishing her, she will feel really alone if she didnt have the person (you) who started this trouble :) by saying that, i wasnt meaning that you created all this and stuff (if u get what i mean) but yes, be there for her. because when you love someone, no matter what happens, they will feel better knowing that you're on her side and there for her :) but keep it going! just because her parents are against her dating you, keep in mind, that SHE is the one is dating you, NOT her parents. also, SHE will be the one marrying you, NOT her parents. by saying this, im not saying that stuff before to disrespect her parents, but im saying that in the long run, you and her will be together, not you and her parents :) good luck!
  • Well it could be very tense in mix relationship especially in the South. If you truly love her you are going to have face it and be there for her. Of course they probadly woill dis own her or something but love conquer all. But prepare to face a battle on both sides.
  • I understand how you feel. Alot of parents dont like there child to date out of there race but maybe if they get to know you better they can look past your skin color. Its sad how people judge a person by the color of their skin. If you really do love her you should let any body get in the way of that. The only peoples opinions that should matter is yours and your gf's. People are going to act the way they want so dont let them come inbetween you and your loved one.
  • Of course it's up to her whether she wants to continue dating you or not. Hopefully she stands up to her parents and doesn't let her parents disapproval of you two dating let her stop her from dating you. I'm a white woman with very long very blonde hair, very bright blue eyes, and very fair skin and I''m happily married to and have 2 kids with a very dark sexy black man and have always loved and dated and had sex only with very dark black men. Both my parents have always been very accepting and supportive of my husband as well as all the black men I've dated and had sex with. In fact they think it's great that me and my 3 sisters all love black men. My husbands father is also totally supportive f us. However his mother and his sisters are very jealous of beautiful blonde blue eyed white women and have always disapproved and been mean towards me and my sisters. I've never encountered an men including white men who had problems with me being married to, dating and having sex with black men. All the ones that have been hostile towards me being married to, dating, and having sex with black men have been nonblonde women especially black women. Black women always are so mean, hostile, and jealous of us beautiful blondies cause there men love us and we love and take all their men..It's not our fault we're beautiful and their men want and love us and they''re ugly and no man of any race wants them.
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