• Nope. It makes you an emotionally self-sufficient young adult. There will be plenty of time for relationships and there is no point getting in to one if that is not where your heart is. Enjoy yourself and your independence. Just be open minded and don't close yourself off from possibilities if you meet someone that peaks your interest.
  • Of course it doesn't make you abnormal. You are so young-- enjoy your youth. If you are like most people, you will spend most of your life in situations that tie you down. Enjoy this freedom while you can.
  • No, it makes you smart!
  • I went thru the exact same thing when I was young. I wanted to make money, buy a nice car, t.v., get my career going, etc., before I started dating steady and getting serious, too, but almost everyone thought that was weird! I guess it turned out okay, tho', because I married at 20, been married almost 28 years, and have 3 great kids, so something must have been done right.
  • I would say it's a little unusual, but certainly not abnormal. If you are enjoying yourself, it really doesn't matter what your friends think.
  • its true, there are plenty of things to come that will tie you down. enjoy the life you have now before you have to be one of those silly adults that every seems to like to be
  • No, it doesn't make you makes you smart. I was the same way when i was younger..instead of getting tied down I went out and had a good time! This is the time in your life when you should be doing these things...getting tied down with relationships, children and bills is something you can always do later! You will be glad you waited...
  • I didn't see anyone until I was 21. And that ended up being the love of my life. Forget that dating stuff, when the time comes it will be right.
  • You've got the right attitude. Your friend is a slave to tradition. Remember, HAVE FUN while you can!
  • Good for you! That's a fabulous way to be, certainly not abnormal! Enjoy yourself!
  • No. I don't think that makes you weird.
  • I'm 19 and completely content being single too.. I'm assuming you're in school since you're 18 or else you're about to start.. I think it's best to let things come to you.. if you meet a guy who you want to settle down with, then fine. If not, enjoy the best time of your life while you can!! :)
  • That's not weird. That's called being smart. I passed up every chance I got to have flings with girls I didn't know that well till I was 18 because I was waiting for the right girl to show up. and voila she did. I never wanted a girlfriend either for that matter. I thought it would tie me down. but it hasn't at all so far. and I love her a lot so I love spending time with her.
  • Not at all. Means you've got your head screwed on right way round! You are only young once - you've got all your life to find romance and love. Live for now!
  • Makes you Awesome :D
  • No, you just described me, im 19 tho! wer young and should be having fun!! Boyfriends only hold u back!
  • Good for you and to answer your question perfectly normal. I think it is great that you don't feel obliged to follow the
  • Not the least bit. Just means you like to have fun which is always good, party on!

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