• I had plenty of those myself and it hasn't done me any harm.
    • Azlotto
      Same here.
    • Nosehair01
      The definition of abuse is not going to be consistent. I am not opposed to it but many people do not understand that a child does not really have ability to tell "right from wrong" until about 4 to 6 years old. I heard that from a child psychologist years ago as a (male) college student teaching in a summer preschool program. I didn't believe it but began to probe the real young kids after they had done something wrong. It went against my beliefs but it became clear that kids that young really do not understand the concept of right and wrong. They try and fake it because they know adults expect it of them. They try and say things that indicate that they understand but they are just parroting back what they have heard adults say. A little probing reveals that kids younger than 4 to 6 do not grasp the concept. In that case under about 5 or 6, I am against spanking.
  • Yes.."Spare the rod, spoil the child". A lot of young people do wrong that think they have no consequences to suffer.
  • I support the right of parents to incorporate corporal punishment into their system of discipline and teaching. That right does not extend to other family members, educators, or clergy without written permission from the parents.
  • No, I don't. There is no distinction between spanking and child abuse, and the long term effects are well documented. I believe parents who spank their children are largely unconcerned with their children's well-being, and the wellbeing of their future in-laws and grandchildren.
  • If he is cute, sure i would let him spank me
  • I do believe in good old fashion spanking (not abuse, but discipline)
  • I think so, yes. We were not spanked growing up and we turned out alright but me perhaps just barely.

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