• In my experience, when a man says "he needs time" its an easy way of saying, "I don't love you anymore and I want to explore other options." I hope this isn't the case with your man, maybe he just has cold feet.
  • jus give him time and see what happens at the end of it all...hope it turn out ok 4 ya.
  • You should think that HE'S not the right one for YOU.
  • Thank your lucky stars he has these doubts before and not after your wedding! If he was sure enough that you were the right one to get engaged to you, how can he be having doubts now?
  • A good thing for you !You should be happy ...Good he did not think that way after marriage ...He is left you with some time and space to evaluate your feelings as well ! Make the most of it :-)
  • If he has put you back on the shelf while he goes out to play and "sort out his feelings for you", I think I would put that time to good use and explore my OWN feelings. Go out with friends, hang out in places that interest you. Introduce yourself to someone cute. Why you want a man who is not sure he wants you? Your "soon-to-be-husband" sounds more like an ex-fiancee to me.
  • I asked this same question here. what happened is he started dating immediately and we are not back together. you better give up on this. unless he is willing to talk and go to counseling.........he is playing you.
  • Just look at it as he is doing you a favor. You don't want to marry someone if they aren't sure about the relationship. Both of you will be miserable. Good luck, hun : )
  • Looks like a big red flag to me. Maybe you should save yourself a bunch of pain and rethink the marriage.
  • Be broke up with you? Wow, that must be really hard on you right now. I suppose its best that he did it now rather than later down the road after you had his child. I am not the right person to tell you what to think. Only you can do that. Best of luck and make sure that if he decides to come back...that you really want him too
  • don't feel like you have to take him back because you wanna get married. I think it's time to seach for your true feelings in regards to what he's doing to ya. I know marriage is a big deal but why even talk about it really seriously then why go the next step. Plus, i wouldn't wanna be with somebody that doesn't wanna be with me. don't do it for the wrong reasons.
  • I think you should do the very same thing.. take space and time and evaluate him this person someone you can trust to go the distance with you if you should get married? What if, in a few years, he gets antsy and isn't sure if you're still the right one..I'd say go out, date others, and consider yourself single. This is not husband material to me, which means he would not make a dependable father. :) I don't know what you expect from being married, but I should think among the things you would require would be fidelity, dependability and predictability! :)
  • Depends. If he was your fiance, then he had no right to do that. By then he should know what he wants and be sure your the right one. After all he was going to marry you. But...if your like me...a teenager who's been with her bf for 6 months and broke it off cuz I needed some time away and wanted to see if he was the right one. Then that's ok. I'm only 17 and I have my whole life ahead of me and a world to discover. I haven't had the chance to rly date around like my bf who is 22 has. Big age difference. So I think in my case, it's ok. BUT...fiance? NO
  • Wake up girl! Send the BOY a "Thank You" card. In time the right person for you will find you. You will have several ups and downs before Mr. Right enters your life. Enjoy your young adulthood and have some fun. Go to school, travel and broaden your horizons. Don't cut yourself short as the world awaits you.
  • let him think and you think also make sure you make the right decision
  • If you are engaged and he doesn't know yet if you are the one, then some serious thinking needs to go on with both of you. Do you really want to spend the rest of your life with someone who during your engagement decided to leave you hanging with will he or won't he?
  • Why is he your "soon to be husband" if he broke up with you? Take this as a sign to find someone whois ready for you and the commitment you are looking for. You should be thinking, "Why is he so unsure of this? Do I deserve to be put on someone else's back burner?" (the answer to the later is 'No.' by the way.)
  • i think guys are scared of responsibilty and commitment... u just have to show him ur love and really be sure if u both want this love conquers all just have to beleive in what u both want
  • Let him do it now, instead of $30K later and 2 manipulative lawyers.
  • That's so heartbreaking. Honestly, I would think if he didn't know what he wanted why did he ask me to marry him? I don't know what I would do, besides cry to my best friends and go out a lot. I think you need to make a decision too as to what you want. Do you really want someone who isn't sure? How would you feel if he changed his mind and said he wants to marry you?
  • that is so tight if he proposed what was the point
  • Sorry to hear that. You should be thinking he's not the right guy for you. Let him go. If he's rethinking things now, he probably would have been rethinking things later. It's better you find out beforehand. If he was the right one for you he wouldn't have had the hesitation he did. Consider it good that this happened before you married.
  • sometimes people need space for real to think if this is the right one for them , maybe he not feeling passion any more , but when you leave him a lone for a while maybe if there was true love and it is still there he will be back and ask you to merry him. I left my boyfriend twice and everytime I leave him I discover that he is so amazing and I am leaving a jewel so now I am with him and never changed my mind after that , I thought before that maybe he is not the one but now Iam sure he is. wait for a while but not for ever and see what he will offer. If he loves you he will come if he ignore and didnt call dont even ask him just move on in your life.
  • it better for you give up sis, coz your man fail to know about u, so how cames he doubt he might know u later, believe me he will never do, u r lucky that u r lucky.
  • i would dump him if he cant make up his mind

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