• If she did this behind your back, how do you know about it? Were you spying on her?
  • you don't think you can trust her??/ ... you DON'T trust her .. no thinking about it ... your just jealous so its best you end it right now before you do any more damage
  • Well the first time was about a year ago, and I found out about it. Then she did it again in March, and her brother told me about it. She admitted to it, then promised me she would change. But I don't think she has.
  • if she loves you and you love her you are going to have to trust her because without evidence you cant go accussing and you need strong evidence
  • Don't take that crap man! put the trash out, and get on with ur life. If she cheated on u she'll do it again and so on, plus she must not think ur good enough for her so.. get rid of her. period! hope it helped:)
  • hang out with some girls, dont do anything with them. but if she asks you she may have a guilty concsience trying to cover up for herself... just a thought
  • speaking as someone who has been cheated on, trust your instincts. you don't need much evidence to be right when it comes to cheating. i had a slight hunch, and i turned out to be right. if she did, you will notice a difference in her attitude and behavior.
  • Her hanging out with other guys isn't something you should be worried about... but if she's doing it behind your back and with her ex... then there's a problem.

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