• There may a local or state law that forbids this, but not in tennessee. if the flyers, came off the cars and landed on the ground, this could be considered a stretch of the imagination. its not vandalism, its not damage to property, its just a nuisance. notifying the store owner of the flyers, since this is private property, will give him notice that this is occuring. owner of the property should place signs, stating, "no soliciting". this written warning, may give the owner probable cause to sign a trespassing citation/warrant, on the offender(s).
  • Technically it is legal however you will be held liable for any damages or losses as a result of your flyers.
  • Second answer response. private vehicles are private property. placing a flyer on a windshield is not littering. littering involves an action and a reaction. the flyer falling on the ground, pavement, etc., is now a case of littering. it can be intentional or non-intentional. again, placing a flyer on a vehicle is not illegal, its just a nuisance.

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