• I am married so I don't have to pretend. My wife's family has been scheming and plotting for 16+ years trying to figure out a way to break up my marriage. I've found that having a healthy, loving relationship is the best kind of revenge. :oD
  • I would feel that my in-laws are lacking in class... and want to bash them over the heads. This happens more than you know; however, but if it were me, I'd let it go - unless my s/o was telling me this for a reason.
  • that is a very interesting situation - did you get to spend the money?
  • I do believe that would upset me.
  • I love the question, you got a great partner, and now they have money :-) The family don't like you, oh well :-p Have a LONG and happy marriage.
  • Thats terrible. I would be more than a little annoyed
  • I am married, and I KNOW when we first got married, my in-laws weren't sure I was a great idea. They weren't as bad as my parents, though, who refused to come to the wedding, and told me I'd get divorced within a year or two and come crying back to them. I've found the best way to deal with doubting parents is to have a happy, healthy marriage. I dare say that my husband and I get along more easily and better than either of our parents do... and it's really made them eat their words without any particular effort by either of us towards that end. Silly parents. I'd just take the money and do something useful with it, like start a college fund for the kids, or pay off the car loan or something.
  • Well...if the inlaws also made sure your spouse had enough auto and health insurance (or similar), I'd say they were practical (abeit insensitive), concerned parents. If the money was more of a pre-paid breakup don't like you. You can both; get over it; and live with it. If you and yours have a good relationship, that kind of behavior from Mom and Dad would have been insulting to your spouse, and would probably not be viewed as a loving, supportive thing to do. At any rate, you obviously heard this from your spouse/cash recipient. The only possible way to handle this situation is to spend the ill given gains immediately, with reckless abandon and unbridled joy. That'll show 'em! JS
  • It would depend on my husband's attitude toward the whole thing, if I even had a husband. :) Either way, I'd be pretty upset... but if he loved me, that would make me feel so much better about the whole thing. :)
  • True story. When my husband and I first got married we had just moved to his home state, over 2000 miles away from my family. His aunt slipped me $500.00 for bus fair and food in case I wanted to leave him, because I was just to good for the black sheep of the their family.
  • Ouch...I imagine it would be the ultimate insult. MY inlaws hate me and would do that if thew were'nt so cheap. Some people try to prevent a couple fro being truly hsppy and sabotage them by doing things like this. It's hard to say this because I have dealt with worse things and susequently my kids did too. Ignore them. To react in any way is what they want. What doesn't kill us makes us stonger. You are not alone.
  • well they never needed it, so I'd pat myself on the back. Everyone needs an escape route. Surely if things got bad u wouldn't want them to live on the street? and at the same time u wouldn't support them to leave u, kind of defeats the object...
  • I'd have no problem with it. They're her family and are right to be looking out for her. If anything, I'd see them in a better light.

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