• The sad, sad fact here is that a lot of time, people don't want to "Stir up trouble" and tell you why you were neg'd. So, they'll do a drive by, and neg you just for the hell of it. Or because you're asking a question like this one (some people will neg based on the question itself), or because you answered your own question like you did. I'm not saying that it makes it okay or acceptable, just that it happens. I try, try, try to make sure that I let people know when and why I neg their questions / answers, but most people here aren't like that. It's part of being on the Bag, you take your punches and roll with them. Much luck to you in the future.
  • I'm afraid that's a forlorn hope. Answerbag deliberately keeps down-rates anonymous to avoid tit-for-tat down-rate wars. Even if you get a critical comment at the same time as a down-rate there is no guarantee that the commenter was also the down-rater unless he actually says he's done it.
  • Dont worry about the points. Your opinion is worth more than ficticious points. Those people's ratings should be: Douchebag 1 million pts.
  • I always do and some times I get reactions like the one I would expect from yourself (from the nature of this question) but most of the time I get called names or otherwise insulted by the user I downrate. This does not bother me, hence why I still leave comments, but it could bother some normal users and as such could effect their leaving of a comment or not.
  • At happens to all of us. Some are just doing it to be mean...nothing can be done. :) I had a hard time in the beginning with it too..but now I just brush it off or ask in the comment why I deserved the DR. Of course no one responds..hahahaha
  • I almost always leave a comment as to why I DR something. The only exception is if it is absolutely obvious - language, abuse or other similar things, and I report it too. The worst reaction I got was someone telling me off and being really obnoxious about how he hoped I enjoyed DRing him and clearly not listening to a WORD I said about why his post was totally out of line and offensive.
  • Please read this thread, I hope it will give you much insight into the mind of a Troll: This is the point of anonymous ratings. No one HAS to do anything. Most of the time they probably just disagree. Let it go, you'll freak out much less this way. Besides, it does NOT take away from your points in ANY way, shape or form.
  • Who cares, you get people moaning about points dont matter, then when they get a negative and they freak out No-one has to leave a comment
  • I do leave a comment.
  • I know how you feel, it's because they are cowards I suppose or fear retaliation or don't really have a justified reason for downscoring, they just didnt like what you said because it wasn't what they think. Get used to it, it happens on here...but there's plenty of cool people and positrolls too.
  • Very few people would do that. The ideal thing, of course, is this: "I downrated you because your answer was not well-written" (for example). I seriously doubt though that people would make it a habit to explain the downrates that they give.
  • I usually do let someone know if I dr them, most likely because it cant be flagged, but, it is inappropriate, or un productive. Non Contributory.
  • who caaaaaaares. They're just meaningless, worthless points. Pieces of nothing. As long as you stand my your Q&As, you should be fine.
  • any question that I see asking about points, I downrate. any question congratulating someone for getting to a new level, I downrate. any question asking for points, I downrate. are you getting the idea? and all those I don't even bother with a comment, just an automatic downrate...if there is any other reason, I will leave a comment and explain why the downrate.
  • Various reasons: 1) Kids and jerks - They think it's fun to do this, and just LOVE it when someone asks a question on the main board like this... THIS question is their "recognition". 2) Someone doesn't like your questions, answers, or YOU. Admittedly, the latter is not a good reason for DRs, but there are people who will do this. 3) I haven't checked, but your questions or answers are "not helpful" to some. There are those who don't like certain types of questions. They will DR them when they see them. They could care less who you are, or whether you know why. 4) Trolls - They will hit a number of YOUR questions or answers, a number of questions or answers in a category, or just hit a bunch of Q/As in general. They, too, do it for fun, and again, their recognition is questions like this. People are out to disrupt sites that have a lot of happy people on them. AB is somewhat self-moderated (thus the rating and flag capabilities), but staff still checks out flags. They only check out ratings if someone complains. If you feel you were trolled, or downrated (many questions/answers) unfairly, then take a screen shot of your profile on the affected page(s), and send them to Or use feedback. Staff can see who did the DRs. They will not tell YOU, but if someone's trolling you, they can be placed in the PB for doing so. Oh... And the main reasons they don't give comments as to why, is so you won't know who they are. And, yes... There IS a reason for this: See History of Answerbag by Jodie44 Part One - AB History and The Ratings War:
  • If I am going to give you a negative point, I promise I will not hide like a coward. I have not seen your questions but some people just don't get this platform. If you give props, you should say why if possible, but if you give a downgrade you are a real cowardly s**t if you hide. Good question. +5.

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