• surely that should be enuf ? 2-3 hours thats still a lot of time 2 talk things thru, leading on thats what u can do talk about problems "get them out in the open" this personally shows the other side where you are and it maybe getting ot you because you cant help her?? my advise would talk 2 her and give her hugs and make her feel speical ect so you support her physically and emotionally.
  • Just try to be there for her while you can and if all you can do do is just talk to her for like 5 seconds then thats all you need to do. and maybe you could surprise her ever now and then with a sweet note or something that you think would mean alot to her that way she will now that youll be there for her.
  • Leave a note on her car if she has one. Drop a note thinking of you in her purse.
  • you could always call her up on your breaks

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