• That is what happens when there is such an age difference.
  • Get to know each other's generational cultures. You've got to do more stuff culturally relevant with each other.
  • Well, try out things the he is in to, and vice versa. Maybe you two could find a few things that you have in common and play on those. However, if the gap has to do with your opinions on things, and how you view life, you do have a problem that is hard to fix.
  • i'm also meeting someone who is 17 years older than me. It doesn't bother me but it bothers him mainly because his family wouldn't approve with him seeing someone so young. My family are open-minded and are happy for me aslong as I think its right, which of course I do. I don't think age matters to be honest, not these days. People mature at different times and you will always be grownig and changing as a person until you die so you're never going to stop growing up etc. Yes, there will come times when you may clash, or disagree, or react differently to things - these are things I have experienced, but its nice to be able to learn from someone who has more experience than you etc. If people judge you (which they will do in today's society) then let them judge. They don't know what goes on between the two of you, how you connect and why it works, which it obviously does, so ask yourself, do other people's opinions really matter? Yes - it looks bad on pen and paper, but what do numbers really mean if you get along great, there's chemistry there and you're happy. Not alot I think you'll find. Aslong as the pair of you are ok about it, then thats all that matters. If one of you isn't then address the issue in discussion to see if it can be ressolved somehow. There is always a way around something, and letting go of someone just because they are alot older/younger than you when they could in fact be the one for you is just pathetic really. stay together no matter what people say.
  • Depends how much you love him despite the differences. Realize that little things now will become big things later. My fiance is 14 years younger than me, the thing to keep in mind is that you will undergo more changes while you are still young. He will probably not as the older person.
  • My Uncle is 17 years older than my Aunt and they have been happily married for 20 years. You just have to learn how to work with your differences and compromise once in awhile.
  • I'd suggest both of you exploring NEW interests together that neither of you is partial to. That is to say, perhaps cultural interests that can expand your horizons simultaneously and that do not weigh heavily on generations (art, music-opera,classical, etc). The idea is that you both explore interests that are either archaic to both of your generations, or those things that are not in any way bound or influenced by age at all. Where the gap concerns stuff like trends and gossip and such, of modern society, one has to understand that THAT really isn't relevant to anything. Could you be more specific? One very important thing is, don't worry about that, or anything else. It is when you allow yourself to worry, that things go south. I can not stress this enough. The mind influences the result.
  • I dated someone 17 yrs older than me. It doesnt get better. You might as well know eventually you are very likely going to be his caregiver.

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