• Halo Caitlyn, here i give you 3 simple ways that i've found in trusted expert to identify Asbestos you need to do: 1. Date the material. Check the manufacturer and product name on the insulation label and do a web search to find out if it contains asbestos. 2. Look at joints. On the outside of buildings, asbestos sheets were often joined together with aluminum runners. 3. Analyze surface patterns. Asbestos materials often have a pattern on the surface that looks like small dimples or shallow craters covering the surface. Okay I think that's Clear enough, but if you afraid so that's more safe for you to contact Asbestos Removalist in your area. if you're around Central Coast i suggest you to go check this web I hope it Helps you Caitlyn, Have a Nice Day!
  • No one will do bugger all about it I see it blowing around the streets often. The dimple pattern on the back of old ac sheet is the give away. James Hardie took his money and run away long ago. No one cares unless they have been exposed and are dying. I give up argueing with old fools that want to hose it down and drive it all over town, what happens when it drys out?

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