• i know she lost her father in late august mike
  • She isn't fair, especially to women. I'm highly disappointed in two cases I've heard about.
  • Judge Midzol resided over a DYFS case with my son. He was left for 1 hour &30 minutes alone in the house. My ex-boyfriend was supposed to take him to a private Montessori School. When I called the school to find out if he arrived, and they said no. I immediately came back home. I was out of work after being assulted at Columbia Bank. I took a freelance Marketing Assignment . I had no family, no husband, no stable job, and I was raising a child. Judge Mizdol was new to Family Court. As result of her inexperienced in Family Matter, she relied heavily on her collegues which happened to be the DYFS prosecutor. Clearly, the case was very prejudice and biases. My attorney said she did not know what to do because she was new in family court. That she was weighting on the cautionary approach. DYFS caseworkers fabricated many false statements. To prove my innocence I began to tape my visits with my son. Judge Mizdol told me that taping was not allowed. For one year Judge Mizdol was incapable of making an independent decision about the welfare of my child. During which time, my son was placed in three different homes. He complained of sexual abuse and being punched in the penis. Judge Mizdol completely ignorned his pain and suffering. Judge Mizdol and DYFS tried to cover up the abuse by removing him and placing him and a different homes, and citing that he had something wrong with his penis. My son was born healthy without any problems what so ever with her genitals. I equate Judge Mizdol with Aldof Hitler. She sat there on her bench and allowed my son to be sexual and psychological tormented. DYFS has been deemed a systemic failure, and it functions as such because of people like Judge Mizdol, France McGrogan, and the Law Guiden for the Children. Clearly, judge Mizdol also suffers with personal issues which she brings to the court room. She made irrelvant chatty remarks about the way I walk. I walk just like my dead mother. So I took personal offense to these remarks, which had no barring on the case. Judge Mizdol is a self-serving professional who is more concern about her reputation and protecting the image of the NJ Judicial System which DYFS falls under, than the welfare of children. My son stayed in foster care for a year, went to three differents homes and was psychological and sexual abused. I accept reponsiblity that he was left alone, but I do not understand how a women could make a innocent child suffer to punish the parent. For one year I had two cases going on a Criminal Case for Endangering the Welfare of a Child and a DYFS case court where they beat me up emotional and psychological attacked me. Although I agrued that what they were doing to him was morally wrong, and that just because of my mistake he should not have to suffer. Judge Mizdol and her collegues seemed to lack empathy and compassion for the plight of other peoples problems that are different from theres. DYFS spend ten of thousand of dollars on psychological evaluation to keep him in foster care. Without the backing from experts they would not have the grounds to keep him as longs as they did. Having a background in Psychology. I knew these evaluation were not done properly. The would speak to you for 5-10 minutes, never ask you about your childhood, issues at the time of the incident. Almost to the end of the year when my son was going to be returned or put up for adoption, my attorney found a psychologist for my defense. This psychologist said that he use to receive contracts from DYFS and when he wrote a favorable report for the parents that the child should be returned with stipultions, DYFS stopped using him. He went public about this experiences with DYFS. They pay psychologist any where from 600.00 to 1100.00 to write these reports and apparently many psychologist rely on contracts from DYFS to make a living. Judge Mizdol kept my son in foster care for a year by playing dirty. I found that Judge Mizdol was an extenstion of DYFS she never once made an independent decision based on her own judgmentment of the facts. DYFS actually ruled over her. In fact in order to avoid making a decision one way or another she allowed the case to go to the limit of one year, when the court either had to make a choice to return my son or put him up for adoption. They told my son he may be adopted. My son is the real victim here, and he continues to say, that god is going to punish DYFS for what they did to me. I know nothing about anyone in a family being disabled, but if anyone finds out I would like to know more about the psyche of person covers up and protects the ills of an agency to advance her own personal career. Clearly, she is unfair, and could care less about the welfare of children. Unfortuately many of these damage souls intention is to help the children, but in the end it becomes clear that it is a circus of self-serving individuals who are radical and operate in anarchy that fails to do what is right. Judge Bonnie Mizdol tried to play god with my sons welfare.I pray when Judge Midzol mets her maker on judgment day he will show you the same mercy you showed me and my son. May you be tortured for a year, and see your child once a week for an hour, and in that hour the child complains of abuse. For your not to sleep for a year because you are riddle with guilt and are sick over the tortment of your child. An eye for eye a tooth for tooth may you suffer the same hell you put me and my son through. After fighting a year in court and the emotional ordeal of dealing with a group of horrible corrupt people, I was left homeless. My son came home and my house went into foreclosure. We now live in poverty with rats. I lived in a 700,000 house. Judge Mizdol is a hater!!!
  • After reading this heart wrecking story of the child who suffered in foster care for a year due to the failure of this Judge to make a timely decision. It appears she never made a decision, the law actually decided this child fate- the statutes of limitation that require the child to be returned to the parent after a year or be put up for adoption. Thank God for laws, because this child could of suffered for years with Judge Mizdol. I immediately think of President Obama who after one week of his appointed oath make decision about the entire United States. It is ashamed that a child and a mother had to be tortured in a system for a year and ended up in poverty as a result long drawn out trial. Needless suffering, and the cost to the tax preparer of NJ to keep him in the system, would have better utilize by spending the money to help keep her son with her. Even a bird, builts a nest before they lay their eggs, and if you observe they leave there offspring to get food. This is an unfortunate mistake that the child was left alone, however the woman did come back home, after calling the school to see if he was dropped off. He was in a private school and living in a well to do neighborhood. Under extreme pressure things happen, and especially to a single women without the proper support system. I do not understand why they punished her and her child so severely- a year in the system and allowed him to be abused. Judge Mizdol sounds like a legal criminal this mother took responsibility but the system seems to be exempt from taking accountability that they attempted to destroy her son and her life and left her homeless. Judge Mizdol perhaps you could learn a lesson from a bird. Clearly this women was trying to fight to keep a nest for child. It is too bad that this child could not sue the system for his pain and suffering and the loss of their home. I guess that is why Judge Mizdol protects the interest of DYFS and suppresses any information that would prove that the child was being sexual and psychological torment by her court order.
  • Mizdol, Madoff, it starting to become a pattern. A group of people who were so cruelty abused now become the number one abusers of others around the world. There seems to be a pattern with cruelty and greed. As Americans the whole world is now suffering. Who do you think controls the Banking and Lending Institution. Due to Greed the Entire US is in a Economic Mess. The Funding to Israeli for war arms and strain it has put on our relations around the world. To bad the woman and her son were not jewish, without bout it would have been a different ending to the story. She would of perhaps even received a bail out too. I say no bail out for corrupt greedy lending institutions.
  • Judge Mizdol how can someone live in a world with no job (assulted blocked from employment), no family support, no husband and the constant harassment from the Oakland Police with studip trumped up charges being put in jail and the Police threathening her that they was going to call DYFS and have her son put in foster care. Appears a lot people played very dirty in this case. Perhaps the objective was to run her out town by making her have nervous breakdown. And of course you can run in a take her child. I don't know who could survive that kind of pressure and not be mentally unstable afterward. Then to take her son and torture him next. What kind of animals are you. God will judge you too. If you can't help a person why is it this continued pattern throughout history of of torturing and destroying people? We see this over and over again, people who are threathen by someone so they need to use any reason to destory them. Anyone of us will be gotten when you are harassing, pressuring and being put under the microscope. Racisim is a mental illness there is no logic to it and that is why the decisions and the reason why this case developed makes no logical sense. Education doesn't exempt you from pathology. When Will White Do What is Right?
  • knowing what I know about this case in discussion.Judge Mizdol waited a year which the law stated the child had to be returned or put up for adoption because they were waiting for this women to either have a nervous breakdown or lost everything she owned. That is why the child was being told he may be put up for adoption. It is interesting that they returned the child after they knew she was facing foreclosure. Has soon as the child came home she was homeless and had to go live in a hotel. In addition, they returned the child and demanded that she drive from Oakland to Teaneck everyday so the child could graduate from the school system he was in. At that time gas was almost 70 for a truck, and the women had no job. They harassed her and said she had to drive him or she would not get him back. She had no insurance and a suspended license. So desperate to get him out of the system. She was afraid to tell them in fear the would not return him. The teacher at the school called the mother and said the child is being psychological tormented and that this could not continue.How does a person with no job, fill up a tank of gas at 70 and drive there son 20 miles each way. One day she was arrested with the child for driving with no insurance, the police had to take the child to school. All of this under the order of Judge Mizdol . This women has no business being a judge and lacks common logical sense. This case was not about doing what was in the best interest of the child or the family. They were making sure they destroy this women and she would end up with nothing. She was also charged with a criminal record for endangering the welfare of a child, which can never be expunged they knew her career would be finished. I am told she can not support hereself and the child. They hated this women, everything about her. Her house, her good looks, her car, her jewelry, her clothes, and the sad thing they hated this child to do this to him.
  • Judge Mizdol is Pro DYFS. Which makes you wonder with all the statistics and research that DYFS has a lot of systemtic problems. This seems like a conflict of interest because she is incapable of being objective and doing what is in the best interest of the child and the family as a whole. It is like a business you hire someone who is inline with your way of thinking. She is prejudice and biases and should not be doing complicated cases. She appears to be small minded and filled with inferiority complex which make her hate women and she brings this to the court room. She has a son who graduated from college.
  • DYFS was intended for abuse and neglect this does seem like the case here. It is so sad because the children that really need to be protected aren't and end up dead or eating out of garbages. It appears that they were jealous of the women, and rather than help her they destroyed her because it made them feel better about themselves. Now they didn't have to be jealous of her any more.
  • Some Judges get bribes, payoffs, bonuses or finge benefits to keep children in the system. When their is a case of a personal vendetta or the police wanting to perscute a woman. They will make it a point to make sure that the child suffers in foster care. Foster Care, DYFS, and Judicial System is a big business and they prey on the despair of people's mistake. But we must remember we are all human being and opt to human failing. He without sin to cast the first stone. It is amazing all the money they spend keeping the children in foster care, to only end up returning the child anyway. But we must remember this is a business that needs children to operate. Judge Mizdol job appears to make sure that she keeps the children in the system and that is part of her responsiblities as a Judge. With a expedited return the Court System as we know would cease to existence. It is unfortuate that they use these innocent children to fuel there money making system. As all greedy attorney that drag things out to either wear their opponent out or to continue to make money off of the case. The whole Judicial System is in need of reform. The system is a real strain on the economy.
  • For one thing, this Judge favors men...especially wife beaters that almost shoot their wives, and alcoholic ex was all of the above. I was trying to relocate out of state because I cannot afford to live in NJ, and I am now staying with my grandmother, who is 87 years old. She gets headaches and chest pains almost every day with 2 young children running around and does not have the funds to support us in NJ. I had a family friend offer to rent me a 2 bedroom condo, front and back yard for $430 a month, utilities and cable included. Mizdol basically told me stay with my grandmother, who cares about her health, and denied my move because during my oldest child's school year, it would interfere with my ex's visitation by a few hours. I have read in other blogs that she favors men. I did everything she asked of me in regards to discoveries, exhibits, the school system, a fair visitation schedule, and she still denied it. So in a few weeks, we will now be homeless. My ex retained an attorney with monies borrowed from his father, when he was almost 10K behind in child support. I'm shocked that she couldn't see where his priorities are...if she is supposed to be someones judge, I would highly recommend asking for another...unless ur a wifebeating-deadbeat-alcoholic..then she's the one for you.
  • To the person who claims Judge Mizdol is fair because she never had any of her decisions overturned in appeals.What does never being overturned on appeal have anything to do with being fair? Attorneys have a herd mentality and there is the blue code. Appeals are rarely overturned anyway. Those that have written in this blog are people who have suffered deeply as result of Judge Mizdol rulings. Your theory that Judge Mizdol is fair because she goes 100% according to NJ laws. Laws are not always fair or right. Research & statistic show that there is a great disparity in the Judicial System when it comes to how certain groups of people are sentenced. The law is governed by people and people misuse their power and are not fair . Judge Mizdol may sit high on her throne, but at some point she is going to have answer to the almighty Judge -God. Do you think he will be pleased with her excuse that I destroyed peoples lives because it was my job and I did in accordance to NJ laws. What do you think?
  • Appeals!! Usually by the time you get to the appeal process you are completely emotionally ,financially and spiritually bankrupted. Public Defender (who are useless because they work for the state) tell you before you file an appeal that it is very unlikely to be overturned. At this point most people are not able to afford a "good" private attorney. That is the only way you may be fairly represented. The fact that she has never been overturned in appeal doesn't offer me any comfort in her ability to be fair. Actually it is more scary that Judge Bonnie Mizdol creates havoc that never can be undone. This is the true crime all the unfortunate peoples who have to experience her as a Judge. They call this due process, however we all know that this legal process does not care about that lives that they destroy in the process. No one is exempt not even a struggling mother and a innocent child. The law is the law, but the good news is karma is karma. We must put people like Judge Mizdol in the hands of God and let him handle them according his laws.
  • The Constitution allowed Blacks to be treated inhumane. The law stated that blacks did not have to be treated equally as human beings. Women were not even mention, nor could they vote. Currently,we have laws that say it is alright to have an abortion at 5 months because it is not life. Adolf Hitler helped create laws which gave him the power to put jewish people in concentration camps and torture them. These laws were responsible for the holocust. In all of these cases we have seen immoral lawmakers, judges and the police who destroyed other people according to the law. Regardless what the law states it is a moral responsible to use your power within the realms of the law to do what is right, for better of all mankind. That requires a conscious and empathy for others. The ability to look at the better picture that we are all interconnected and therefore must follow the golden rule in life which is do unto others as you would have them do to you. Historically we have hide behind laws as a reason for our cruel injustisces upon other people.
  • It was always the laws which allow injustices to exist, from slavery to the current times we are in. LAWS ARE AS ABOUT AS FAIR AS THE PEOPLE WHO ENACT THEM. Racial discrimination has destroyed generations of innocent people who if only given a chance could have been productive members of society. It is very interesting how we go to other countries and point the finger at them too. We want to police and control the entire world. Yet, as American we continue to be in denial about our own deep rooted problems in our own backyard. WE HAVE A DEEP SYSTEMIC RACIAL PROBLEM IN THE US. Too Many black women are single parents and there is a disportiate number of black men in jails. Everyone must make a living somehow, it is called survival. Black Women are being put in jail at an alarming rate.The children of these women often end up in foster care. Research shows that children raised in foster care have a high incident of mental illness and end up in prision. As with the DYFS reform there will be a greater need for more social workers and psychologists. Statistics show that there is a great disparity in the law, blacks are given longer and harsher sentences. Prisions are privatize and are on the NASQ. The government spends over $30,000 a year for each inmate. I would rather see that money spend to create jobs. But why bother to address the problem because these problems created many jobs, more prisions, judges, lawyers and policemen. Oh! but there is always affirmative action - a law that had to be created because certain people were denied there god giving right to earn a living and support their families. Which is the core of the problem the denial of equal opportunity for everyone. Welcome to the new economic slavery. The only problem it fails to work and it is a terrible strain on the economy. Most politicans are attorneys -our great lawmakers and look at the mess they have made. This issue of racisim is just one example how the laws play out in terms of unfairness. Of course,there are many laws that are unfair that effect all people of every race and gender.
  • A Human Being is a civilized Animal (well they are suppose to be civil).When you discuss Judge Mizdol you seem to be waiting for her to do what is morally right. As you look at the Judicial System, Attorneys, Judges, Prosecutors, etc. Keep the thought that they are all just animals dressed up in suits. When you find yourself in court hearing (the jungle) you will be prey for these animals and the sick circus begins or should I say survival of the fittest begins in the food chain.
  • Change is the most hardest thing to do in the United States. Abraham Lincoln Martin Luther King Robert F. Kennedy Malcolm X All Killed The unknown heroes that were lynched & killed whose names go unrecognized - who fought for change The current billions or trillions who are destroyed financially and spirtual by the current system. Judge Mizdol and the rest of the pack "the system" are instrumental in our current modern day lynching system called justice. Judge Mizdol lacks a pure consciousness and the courage to make change and become a part of solution. You will not see a true leader here who ultilizes her power to make change and help people . Although we know there is due process, Judges have a great deal of discretion (why disparity exist), you will not see her use her power for good. Historically, we have a culture of very sick and warped people who are not capable of doing the right thing. Don't except this coward to do something sensible or logical that would help people to move towards self-sufficieny. Judge Mizdol does not think outside the box- she is a pack leader who goes along with her collegues. For at the end of the day it is not her conscious that bothers her. It is the opinion of collegues which is more important to her. Her reputation is proof of that and it speaks for itself. Attorneys are one most egotistic people. Observe a Prosecutor, he will lie to win the case. They don't care about you it is all about them. A Prosecutor commits persury all day every day. Although it is unethnical and illegal. The personality of a prosecutor is that they have to win by any means necessary. We have the same concept when it comes to Judge Mizdol it is all about her, and her power, not your case. The irony to this is when Judge Mizdol and the system destroys people, society wil have to take care of them. Then Judge Mizdol and the rest can complain about the lazy welfare population that she contributes to making daily in her courtroom. The interesting twist of it is her avoidance of making decision inevitable prolongs a case longer than necessary runs up a fat bill for the attorneys, which contributes to destroying people fiancially and emotionally. Judge Mizdol enjoys tormenting people about errors in judgment, however she fails to take responsiblity for her own incompetence as a Judge and her illogical decisions making that causes further pain and suffering. In a nutshell she lacks basic resolution skills and has no business being a Judge. The saddest thing about this is, Judges usually do not make a career change. They either have to retire or die. So we are stuck with her. A judges won't bow out gracefully and give a young person a chance. Even when it is so obvious to everyone but them that they are ill-suited for the job. Remember it is all about them!!!
  • Judge Mizdol is hiding a big secret. Corrupt Judge Bonnie J. Mizdol Judge belongs in jail! Bonnie Mizdol had a Teaneck Law Firm called: "Oury & Mizdol PC" from 1982-2002. Dennis Oury funnel funds into their firm account while they were still partners from 2001 and 2002. Dennis Oury went to jail, Bonnie Mizdol became a judge, unreal! There are 7 more years for the good people of NJ to suffer from Mizdol continuous abuse of power and wrongful cruel judgments and decisions. Someone should investigate further into this and have Dennis come clean about Judge Mizdol's involvement in this corruption case and get Mizdol dismissed as a judge on a corruption basis. Check this out;

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