• This is not always true.
  • Often times it depends on how "The One" views things.
  • i can't answer that because i don't think your generalization is true. yes, there are some unhappy, weathy people with emotional issues, but there's also poor, unhappy people with emotional issues as well. then there's the weathy people who may not be unhappy and/or don't have emotional issues...
  • I don't think that is true at all.
  • Where did you get this idea? I don't think this is true at all.
  • Not saying that all wealthy people are like that, but indeed it is common. Wealthy people tend to get caught up in money and material things. It can become boring for them becuase they don't have any struggles or anything. Poor people are the happiest because there happy for what they have and everyday is an adventure and nothing is certain. Money is not the key to happiness, it's more like the opposite.
  • I don't think this is a truism. Certainly many wealthy people have problems, personal and other, but so does everyone else. And I think the "lack" of enough financial security is much more a factor in many people's problems. Perhaps by "wealthy", you mean celebrities who are always in the news. These people are not the "norm". They cannot be used as a judgement of wealthy people in general. Hollywood is really a freak show.
  • I was told in Psychology 101 that the higher up the socioeconomic scale one goes, the higher the instance of minor mental and emotional problems. Wherease the *lower* down the socioeconomic scale one goes, the higher the instance of *major* mental and emotinal problems. So I would guess that middle class is the most comfortable spot.
  • Because money doesn't buy happiness.
  • People are creatures of habit. Good looking people don't think about good looks, cause they have 'em. Wealthy people don't think about money, cause they don't lack it. There are plenty of goodlooking (and likewise rich) lonley people. fill in the blanks. They are unhappy becuase they, like you and me, have not looked at what is creating that unhappiness. Problem with us poor souls is when we find what is keeping us depressed and lonley WE don't have the money to throw at the problem. Love, Jimmyray:)))))))
  • Such people can never be absolutely certain that any of their friends are really with them for the right reasons. Money gets in the way of many relationships whether it is a man and woman or two of the same gender who are just great friends.. The only way to test this is to never flaunt money again - don't pay for other people's drinks, don't pay for the taxis that you friends need to get home - just don't let it be known that you actually have a decent amount of money. "The love of" money really is the 'root of all evil'.

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