• No because they are his personal business. I had a BF that gave me his phone to use for a little while a couple of times and never once did I go through it.
  • No I would not. I respect the private space of people, because I want them to respect mine too.
  • I wouldn't. Would you like it if someone did that to you? Even those we are in a relationship with are entitled to a little bit of privacy. If I found out you did that to me you would be my EX-GIRLFRIEND.
  • would never have done that during my two year relationship, my boyfriend would often leave his myspace still logged in and forget and i would just log it out without even looking, but one day i did, i found out he was cheating for the past 10 months, i didn't even have a clue, i was so in love with him.
  • Yes I have and I always will. If you can trust each other than there should be no reason why you can't check each others at any time and have them not be upset.
  • No. Simple reason. I dont sleep with people I don't trust.
  • I do all the time. we do not see those things as 'private' we share eveything with each other, if his phone goes off i will check it.. he doesnt mind. the only time i have gone through it is to read messages from his guy friends that i dont trust! not all of them i must say, but some (well one in particular) is alwyas trying to get him to do things, he doesnt want to but all the messages from him is bagging him out ofr not doing it, i like to just keep up to date with that 'friend' of his.. if you know what i mean
  • No. I would dream of invading his privacy or anyone elses.
  • I have no reason to. Besides, I trust him. I don't think I'd actually be comfortable with him checking through my messages and it's not because I have something to hide from him. I don't. It's called invasion of privacy for a reason, no matter anyone tries to tell me.
  • yes i have, if your not doing anything wrong you should have no problem with it, and also, i didn't care when my bf read my texts or anything else...
  • Nope! I couldn't care less about his personal business, unless he asks for my help with something. I don't even open his mail! He could have an entire woman in his rumpus room, and I would never know it. I intentionally married someone I could trust. In 11 years, he has never once given me any reason not to trust him. +5
  • No. Thats kinda personal.
  • No, that would be an invasion of his privacy, and a loss of trust.
  • Never, everyone is entitled to privacy in personal correspondence. I want my privacy respected so I extend the same respect to the people in my life. Besides, ease droppers usually end up sorry in the end.
  • Not sneakily - if I wanted to - all I have to do is ask
  • I would hope that he would be open about things like that with me and I wouldn't have to be nosey.
  • That sounds boring.
  • No. My ex wife did that shit, for no reason. Nothing to find of course. Now she is my ex wife.
  • A person who has nothing to hide, hides nothing. And that has nothing to do with trust. If your not doing anything you have nothing to hide. People who are secretive are usually (but not always, of course) up to something. That has been my experience. If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it's probably a duck! LOL. And would I read my BF's emails. Yup. And yes, there's a reason behind it. I found out that he had been calling his ex-girlfriend when he claimed he wasn't. And has it hurt our relationship.
  • Self preservation is arguably a very good reason to want to read a s/o's email and texts. A bit of wisdom prompts me from doing just that. It goes: Be careful what you look for... just might FIND it.
  • i check his and he checks mine, neither one of us mind coz theres nothing to hide. Also..depends on where you're at with the relationship. I mean us we have years together and a lifetime to go. If you're early on in your relationship i dont kno..i mean i wudnt even if i had the chance to, depends you kno..
  • Nah, couldn't care less about what he has on there.
  • it would depend if he gave me a reason not to trust him, then i would. but if i kno that he would do anything to hurt me in those emails or txts,then i would check. it just comes down to the type of trust you have in the relationship.
  • Sure. I would not actively seek them out, but I am human.
  • Though I'm sure I'm allowed to if I ask, I don't feel the need. Everyone has the right to a certain amount of privacy.
  • Of course! I always do. I love him and I trust him and we are awesome together but hell, we invade one anothers privacy all the time. He knows I'm going to be poking around and he says - "Go for it cause I've got nothing to hide". Everyone always says "If you trust someone you shouldn't have to" but the truth is, if you trust someone and they are innocent they shouldn't be afraid to let you look! lol. If you want to get married nothing will be hidden and nothing should. True love means everything is in the open! lol.

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