• Machines break down easily. Id need a repair plan as well. Machines need clean air and fluids to keep from overheating. If those problems could be resolved for outside labor then it would be worth a lot to never have to mow grass or chainsaw limbs again. Car maintenance would be great. Washing the dishes and folding the laundry for inside work.
    • Linda Joy
      You forgot the part about how much you'd be willing to pay. Of course the warranty would be limited and conditional as most are.
  • A robot? I don't think they are sophisticated enough yet to do housework.
    • Linda Joy
      We already have robots that vacuum. And dishwashers and washing machines. Robots make cars! We can do this!
    • Boola Boo
      Well a pool boy would be nice. Cleaning the darn thing is a chore.
    • Linda Joy
      Fortunately I don't have to clean mine.
  • i wouldnt, i would want to hire a real person
  • depends on how good they were
  • oh, oh.....does it have a "pleasure me" module???? :P
    • Linda Joy
      If porn is no longer working you may need professional help. I'll reserve comment on which profession for now... What did you have in mind and how much are you willing to pay? Don't forget to factor in how many years of "pleasuring" you have left in you!
  • I used to have a robot and a maid - my little brother and sister. After turning 6, my mom said I had to stop getting them to do my work for me. Bummer.
  • grocery shopping

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