• Machines break down easily. Id need a repair plan as well. Machines need clean air and fluids to keep from overheating. If those problems could be resolved for outside labor then it would be worth a lot to never have to mow grass or chainsaw limbs again. Car maintenance would be great. Washing the dishes and folding the laundry for inside work.
    • Linda Joy
      You forgot the part about how much you'd be willing to pay. Of course the warranty would be limited and conditional as most are.
  • A robot? I don't think they are sophisticated enough yet to do housework.
    • Linda Joy
      We already have robots that vacuum. And dishwashers and washing machines. Robots make cars! We can do this!
    • Boola Boo
      Well a pool boy would be nice. Cleaning the darn thing is a chore.
    • Linda Joy
      Fortunately I don't have to clean mine.
  • i wouldnt, i would want to hire a real person
  • depends on how good they were

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