• It's possible, but not a definite. It could just be a coincidence. Or that assumption could be completely correct.
  • I'm not sure what you mean, but I will always comment on any answer you give honey xx
  • it doesnt matter to me if a question catches my intrest i answer it i dont always need a commit
  • That happens to me sometimes. In one case, the person got over 70 answers, and mine was the ONLY one that didn't get a comment. In another case, even though I have previously had no issue with that user, I think he has been instructed by his girlfriend not to respond to anything I post. It's petty and juvenile, if you ask me. But hey, there are plenty of people here who respect me, and whom I respect. I'll just play along and have a good time with them.
  • I woner that too!, also what bothers me is when I take the time to answer a question, leave a decent answer, the ANSWERER, will leave me a comment in form of a compliment, and still GIVE NO POINTS!...what the hell???
  • Yes, it would be reasonable. I've had that happen a few times. What drives me nuts is when they leave a comment and no points.
  • I don't think so. The reason I sometimes don't leave comments is because it gets tiering or there is really just nothing to say. I worry I offend people though.
  • Points are the icing on the cake for me. It is not like I am going to win $1,000,000 if I get to level 100 or wherver by Christmas. It is about community and trust in the respondents' answers and hoping that you will sometimes receive honest, forthright replies to your questions. I don't even mind the humor. If someone answers and doesn't Point up, that is okay....I hate it when they point down for no apparent reason. But being here, learning and meeting all of you and having fun is my main reasons.
  • I try to answer everyone who answers a question I post and I give points and even if I don't answer or comment on someones answers I will give points ...if I don't agree I never downrate (99.999% of the time)but I will comment and say why I don't agree, I to get a pissed off when people just minus for minusing sake... but I do look forward to seeing what answers I get and from whom and I know some don't like my bluntness or my lack of sugar coating my answers and thats ok ...thats life :)
  • What is the quality of answer these people give to others as compared with the quality of answer you give? Perhaps the person feels intimidated by the level of your communication and rather than disappointing you, just decides to avoid the situation entirely. Why would someone not like you for goodness sake? You're adorable! :)
  • No. I don't think that is the case.
  • I think it must not apply. And would you make something unreasonable? But maybe they see more the blood thirsty Pirate in you than the Pretty woman? In a way, if this happens regularly, they could be a possibility that they are not seeking any form of contact with you. It does not necessarily mean that they don't like you.
  • I can understand you arriving at that conclusion and have experienced this sort of thing myself (not on this site) but I think it's more to do with that the asker is not on the same wavelength as the responder.
  • Pretty Pirate: Yes, like letmespeak, I can understand why you may feel like you need to assume this. However, HONEY! We all here, regardless of good intentions and emotional intelligence and empathy, are, indeed, literal strangers to each other, even if we have 'friends' in our cache and we are in theirs. There is no way to know WHY someone does something in this life, let alone on this site. Just wish them well and don't bother your pretty little head about it. Some of us enjoy you and look forward to your questions and your answers. Aunty M
  • Sometimes I have delusions of quality
  • Maybe I'm still relatively new to answerbag, but I don't usually keep track of which answers and questions are from whom. Unless there is a very striking and memorable avatar, I will probably forget. So if it's me your asking was by accident! Also, when commenting on answers, I typically just comment whenever something comes to mind, it's pretty random, it doesn't mean I don't like an answer if I don't comment.
  • Yes I think that is a pretty fair assumption. Until recently a high level user not about at the moment. Would pointedly comment on every single other answer but except for the rating act as if I did not exist. I made a suggestion on the Blog nearly two years ago from that date all the snide comments started and the ignoring.I found it rather amusing.As if I cared.
  • 1) Maybe they just have established a better contact with those other users, and have good former experience of chatting with them. Some users just want to discuss and if you are posting an answer that they agree with, they won't discuss with you, and rather discuss with those who post answers who express a disagreement with their own views. The opposite could also happen, with people just discussion with those who post similar views to their own. 2) It could have something to do with popularity - but I think that you are rather popular on here... Maybe you are just intimidating some users. Some beginners could feel intimidated by high level Answerbaggers, for instance. I just realize that this was a old question; so those points could not have applied at the time where the question was asked. 3) I think it is better to give a feedback of some kind to the answers that you get, but sometimes you just don't want to say much. Anyway, if you just post a little "Thank you", this is still a form of communication to which the other can respond and try to start a real dialog themselves.
  • So far I only return to my answer when I get a notification someone commented on it.

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