• this might be a stupid question but how do u know its your ex if its a private number and she doesnt speak? if you think its her ring her up and ask her what her problem is
  • It means you should ignore them. You two are ex's and if it was an emergency, they would do more than hang up on you. Next time let it ring, or if it gets bad, just block their number.
  • she realy likes to hear again your voice.
  • How do u know its from your ex gf if it's on a private #
  • If your sure its your ex, maybe they are checking up .In other words she aint let go yet . If you Love them still, swallow your pride and just tell them . As the saying goes it only hurts , never helps.I have had so much stubborness ruin relationships . Recently broke with a girl. No contact,etc . But if a person tells you they love you, Two days later your split. You know for sure they may be angry and pissed off. But they still love you man. So imtying, wrote a letter and probably wont get a reply. But im not going to go on thinking, oh man , what if it would have worked again ?. I have realised life is way short, you love somebody, do anything you can to keep them close : )
  • Sounds like she's still hung up on you, but always remember that if there was a reason you broke up in the first place, it should remain that way. The same problems will often return even if in different forms. Is it really worth it to keep going through heartache after heartache when you can just do it once, get over her, and find someone else amazing to love?
  • if you think its her, then shes definitely not over you. ive been in the same situation she either wants to see what you're doing, (if you'll answer your phone, listening for people in the background) or just hear your voice because she misses you. i used to do it all the time with my ex! but only because I missed him hahah :p
  • If she is calling you then she obviously misses you. But how do you know it's actually her?

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