• Take a bowling ball. Begin walking past him and accidently drop the ball on your toe. While screaming "Holey mother of God" look to see if he offers any assistance.
  • Well last weekend i wanted so badly to tell him that i thought he was cute, but everytime i walked past him my stomach like was in my throat. hes like a foot taller then me i love tall guys
  • lol @ r u sirius. Hmm. Don't think about it just go up to him and bring up any random thing? At least you have the guts of even asking for advice! Congrats b/c i'd be too chickn
  • You should approach him very caerfully. Those bowling shoes are quite slippery. But seriously, Wait until you can make a comment thats reasonable, like "Hey thats a Cool Bowling Shirt". Do you folks use the word "Cool" anymore? Whatever you do don't make fun of the size of his ball! :)
  • Just ask him out guys usually are flattered when a woman asks them out.

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