• The best thing to do is to bring it up... you can do this in a non-threatening way. Recognize that some men call transsexual escorts because they think that that is somehow, "not cheating", because they're not with another woman. Tell your boyfriend "I found out that you call escorts when you travel, and it made me feel so bad, that I don't know what to do". Let him be the strong one that figures out the solution to this problem. Probably, you should take more than a minute to consider how you'll respond if you get an outcome other than what you're looking for. As the other answer said, you're boyfriend's lifestyle does present health risks to you, and emotional challenges. Now is the best time to draw the line. You should be firm on your boundaries, but rather than trying to consider the issue on moral grounds, talk about your feelings... you want a boyfriend that honors your feelings, even while he's travelling. If you put it that way, he can make a decision on whether or not he wants to honor your feelings.
  • That is bizarre. How in the world did you find out? Is he gay?
  • 1.) Pack you bags. 2.) When he comes home tell him why you packed your bags. 3.)Tell him good-bye. 4.) Leave for good. 5.) Make an appointment with a doctor to make sure he hasn't given you anything. It doesn't matter what kind of an escort he's calling, he's cheating on you with prostitutes and using your family's money to do it. He doesn't love you, he doesn't respect you, and he doesn't deserve you. Would we be having this conversation if it was female escourts? Probelly not, you would have left him as the dirty, lying cheat he is. As far as how he will react, why should you care? He didn't care about your feelings enough to keep sex as only something between you and him. How he feels is moot. You're the one who's been hurt and wronged. If you stay he's just going to do it all over again. Or you're going to have to make a compromise no woman should have to.
  • whoa, first is he just calling or is there contact? second, how did you find out, could it be he "LET" you find out in the hopes of opening discussion or to get rid of you? if as the other answerer's assume, he is cheating on you, it doesn't matter if it's with transsexuals, women, men or even sheep. HE CHEATING. in that case i would suggest you follow the directions in the Rodney Carrington song "that awful day, (my wife meet my girlfriend)" I got home and the door was locked so i tried to ring the bell,I found a little bitty note that she had wrote telling me to go to hell. I crawled in the window got inside she kicked me in the balls and then i cried,Called me a name said i lied kicked me again thought I'd die. Took my clothes set them on fire and she hit me with her curling iron.Tried to block it with my watch,And then she kicked me in the crouch again. Yea today's the day my wife met my girlfriend. Well i tried to tell her but she did not care thing's worn't what the seemed,She had a pan on the stove of boiling water and my nat's would soon be steam.I tried to run screamed for help she hit me in the nurts with a rinestone belt.It was like nothing i had ever felt,I thank god i wasn't wearing a kilt.She garbed the bat from beneath the bed swung it once and missed my head,She reared back to swing it again Then she hit me in the twin's again. Yea today's the day my wife met my girlfriend.Yea today's that awful day,And my boys wont be the same.Yea today's the day my wife met my girlfriend.
  • You've done nothing wrong, so don't worry about how he will react. I think you should be more concerned about whether or not you want to stay with him. Regardless of what kind of escort service he is using, the entire thing is unexcusable. (If it's true) That's why you should bring it up to hear what he has to say.
  • Pack your stuff quietly. Make sure you have enough money stashed. Cancel all joint accounts. Set up a place to stay be it a friend or family member. Tell him you are breaking up with him in a public place. LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. Make sure you have someone closeby or a car waiting to escort you.
  • Buy a strap on. Tie him up - face down... and then use it on him... if he likes it.... tell him you can satify his needs and no more straying... if he "acts like he doesn't... he's gay and doesn't want you (or anybody else) to know.... Dump him.
  • Assuming you really know this for a fact then he is almost certainly having sex with men. That puts you at very high risk at getting some serious STDs from him as well as identifying that a long term relationship is highly unlikely. I am totally gay friendly and have many gay friends but a woman having sex with a man who is also having sex with other men is problematic with very serious and obviouse negative ramifications. Don't worry about the conversation, protect yourself.
  • Methinks you're barking up the wrong tree!
  • How about saying, "Dude! What the f*ck!?"
  • i wouldnt go out with someone that does that, he can give you an std

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