• I don't understand why you feel the need to take matters into your own hands, if the situation arises. What good what it do, what purpose would it suit? break the law by doing so, and he still has no punishment, other than an ass kicking?...come on...
  • This situation happened when I was 17. She died. I went to his house to kill him (also an ex) but ended up just severely injuring him. I still don't know why I stopped. He was in a fight in prison a few years later that did the job for me.
  • Yes it has happened to my husband, my ex came into my place of work and wanted to talk to me. As we were talking he hauls off and hit me(breaking my jaw). I called security and he was taken into custody. He got probation, My husband is always saying that if he ever run's into him he is a dead man! I look him straght in the eye and tell him, "You are way above him,do not bring yourself to his level! I love you and need you w/me, not in jail!" This usually calms him down, if not I call his mom!:) This is a hard situation to be in! I cannot tell you how to cope w/this but I can say you might benefit from talking w/a professinal who can give you tools to work w/concerning your feelings!! Good luck and best wishes!!
  • Unfortunately my sweetheart wasn' t so lucky as your g/f. The three animals who did that to her also beat her so badly that she had no real chance to live. She spent almost 3 weeks in a deep coma on all kinds of machines until her stubborn parents finally realized she would never have a normal life and mercifully pulled the plug. The day I heard the police had made an arrest I wanted to go down to the district and open a can of whup ass on them. The only thing stopped me was knowing that violence was not going to accomplish anything she would still be dead and would not be happy with my reaction. The guys eventually got charged with manslaughter and will probably be out on parole in a few years. This was 2 and a half years ago and I am still having a hard time dealing with her loss.
  • The worst thing about an act like that is that there are so many more victims than just the one who gets directly attacked. Her loved ones are thrown into turmoil because they're overtaken with a desire for the true justice our society doesn't allow. It's of small consolation and I've written it below, but if there's anything I've come to learn in life, it's that NO ONE REALLY gets away with anything.
  • The same thing has just happened to me. if you find anything that helps please share
  • I told my boyfriend i was raped by my brother and he punched over thirty holes in his wall and had to have surgery, they had to take skin from his back to fix his hand. he wanted to kill my brother so it was a good thing my bro is in prison right now, (not for raping me, only my bf knows about that). rough night.
  • i just got off the phone with my girlfriend, and i came straight to my room and googled what just happened to her. i feel so powerless to do anything. Im deployed in iraq and shes back im cali, and all i can do is call her, and not often at that. she wants nothing else to happen, she believe shes deserves this and now the stakes are even, that he will leave her alone. i dont know what to do, i hit a wall and probably broke my knuckles, and i can pretty much get charged from hurting myself like this. how did he find her again. why does she believe she deserves this
  • You should make the guy understand that rape is an offense. And that it shall never go unpunished. Withold your own justice if the Law fails to do so.
  • All feelings of vengeance aside, do you think are the one to be accuser, judge, jury, and executioner? Are you so self-centered as to imagine all those things are for you to do? I have been raped and the way I think of it is they were just violent, selfish poor jerks. But I would not want them punished for my sake nor would I ever want to punish them myself. OK maybe taken off the street for a while so they are less able to hurt anyone else.

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