• Hmm.. looks like it's time to play the "It's me or her" card. Two women of that status cannot live under the same roof.
  • Hmm.. looks like it's time to play the "It's me or her" card. Two women of that status cannot live under the same roof.
  • Put her out.
  • Murder is illegal, so you need to talk to your husband, agree on limits and then talk to her togeather. Tell her she is welcome to share your home for a set period of time, but it is yours and she must abide by the rules. Good Luck :-)
  • Move out until until your husband makes her leave. Seriously.
  • Tell your husband to grow a spine!
  • Ask her to pay rent.Maybe she will leave.
  • take advantage as she is doing to you. claim her on your taxes. make her pay rent.
  • You should love your mother-in-law even if she is a pain she gave birth to the love of your life. without her you would not have your husband. She has earned her right to be nosey,lazy,and if she wants greedy she raised her son and sacrificed now it's her turn.
  • IF you really want more time alone ... go to your bedroom and openly tell her ... We're going to have sex now .. goodnight. It is YOUR home , so don't feel like a prisoner in it .. Tell your husband that unless he stands up to her more that he may be living with her somewhere else with just HER ... as you are tired of the Bull Crap in your own home ...
  • I have a mother-in-law that is similar that too except she tries to tell me how to raise her Grandson and how to make her son happy yada yada yada...She and I got into it heavy once and she learned to either respect me or don't come around. The respect she gives me now may be fake or it may not, either way I don't care. We get along better now. Thank god she never lived with me, I would have been in prison by now! Best of luck!
  • as some people would say "parents can never be replaced (only 1 set) whereas partners can" in as much as my mom has her faults and that we don't really get along she's still my mom and she does have some redeeming qualities. besides we understand our mom. in fact mom and her siblings. they lived in an environment wherein the females are taken care by the males. so mom a couple of her sisters have never worked for a day in their lives. when dad passed away it is assumed that the responsibility falls on our shoulders (me and siblings) more like my siblings since they run our business. but even without it we'd still do it and i myself if i don't work i know i may not be able to buy the things i want but i know that i won't have to worry about where to get my next meal. it's simply ingrained in us to take care of family. on several occasions we have sort of adopted our not so responsible relatives from time to time.
  • Two queens can't rule one house. She needs to be made to understand by her son that this is your house and his. She is not the queen. I went through this and we really had to do this with her. final straw for us - when we found out the reason the floors installed completely in our house with pergo - was because her little dog could pee on them and we would not find out. Your husband needs to stand up to her and set rules - almost like a child. Good luck - learn to use headphones.
  • Looks like you have a lot of growing up to do as well. Name calling is not mature it's very childish I think the problem is you two are a lot alike. Maybe that's why your husband married you, you remind him of his mother. If you want her to leave just be mature and ask her to leave but just remember what goes around comes around. But it's your life you can live it the way you choose.
  • This may be one of those times in life where nothing except an ultimatum to your husband is going to work. You or his mother and make sure he understands he can't live with both.
  • Talk to your husband again and stress how absolutely miserable it makes you living with her. Tell him that either she goes or you do; and if he chooses to let you go, he doesn't deserve you...leave him and find someone you'll be happy with and that you'll be #1 with, which is what you should be right now. Good luck.
  • She must have some good qualities. She raised her son and you married him. Someone has to be the adult and do what is right. Be consistently nice to her. If you need more alone time, find her some friends. Find an event at church or the senior center and drop her off. Get her a job as a volunteer at the hospital. Ask for her help - consistently. Ask her advice - consistently. Make your husband take her out by himself - consistently. You can train her to be nice just like you would train a child. Don't ask your husband to choose between his mother and you. He may choose the easier answer instead of the best answer.
  • It's your house and you should feel comfortable in it. Although talking to her about it may make things awkward for a little bit, it wont last forever and your relationship with your mom-in-law and your husband will be better off because of it. Address the issue firmly, but with sensitivity and it should all work out!
  • become a loud lover.... trust me,,, no matter how alkward it is for him to know his mother can hear you.... knowing that he is making you scream will be such a turn on it will outweigh the embaressment
  • Demand her respect. and tell your husband to remind her...MY HOUSE MY RULES...lmao, let him get back at her for all the things she said when he lived in her house...LOL!
  • I unfortunately have a mother in law from hell too, so I can feel your pain. Your husband needs to realize that you are his priority, she is not. If she is anything like my MIL, I'm guessing she pulls the guilt strings on your husband all the time -- am I correct? You need to put your foot down. He needs to cut the cord. I had to with mine and she was pissed at me for a little while, but now we get along pretty well. Good luck!
  • I have the same issue She is lazy manipulative and Bitchy and today he left me as I told him over the phone I thought she was a B and he came home got his things and left that was three days ago.
  • Put your foot down. Tell your husband how serious you are about his mother living with them. Tell him either his mother leaves or you will leave. If he doesn’t have the balls to get he's mother out, you might as well pack your bags, because the marriage will surely fail under those conditions.

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