• I think that if they want to come into our country then they should have to make themselves useful to us so yeah I guess that would be a perfect way! LOL
  • This is bullsh*t.
  • its totally and utterly disgusting. i have heard this before and those people are referred to as "meat jackets". no one should be forced to fight in a war they don't believe in.
  • No,Actually you have to treat illegal aliens just like any other human. Put it this way, If America only paid 20 dollars a week and you had a family to feed and take care of,you could make 200 a week in mexico, what would you do?
  • I don't think it sits well in the 'american dream'..personally I think it's disgusting.
  • I think the aliens should get back in their spaceships and go back to their own planets.
  • I think it is a ridiculous idea to have that sort of punishment put upon them.No one wants to be sent to war by force.Military service should be optional and never mandatory for anyone,citizen or not.
  • Fighting in turn for citizenship! It's a bad deal.
  • How about giving citizenship to insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan? Maybe they would stop fighting!
  • You seriously want to give resentful and frightened people with no loyalty to your nation guns and training, and then hope they will not wonder which way to point the guns? The use of outside mercenaries has historically been one of the steps in the downfall of empires: if a nation cannot fight its own wars, it will not live long.
  • no, its not a good way especially if they dont want to be in the military

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