• Take her to dinner!
  • On my last birthday my husband took me indoor skydiving and to an amusement Park, and he flew my parents out to surprise me - it was a fabulous birthday. For something romantic you could take her to a spa hotel for the weekend. Of course it all depends on budget. My ideal romantic birthday would be to go to Rome!
  • I would love to be taken to a quiet beach for a picnic at sunset...I think it's really romantic and never gets ''old''. You could get her favourite restaurant to make the picnic up.
  • Whatever you know she likes, do that. Also, give her a foot massage (they're Heaven!) If she's funny about having her feet touched, give her a back massage.
  • Spoil her from the time she gets up untill bedtime.:)
  • I think the best thing to do is just spend time with her, that is the best gift of all.
  • you can slowly impregnate her with your seed and she get's a nice present nine months later
  • See if she can blow out your candle.
  • Don't buy her a whole bunch of fancy things, unless ofcourse she's spoiled. Nurture her. Cook her a fine meal, not craft dinner. If you don't want to cook take her to a restaurant both of you have never been before. Then after that plan something fun like taking her to a local event or maybe even just taking her home and pampering her with a full body massage.
  • I've heard that diamonds are a girls best friend.
  • Like any male who is tuned in to the needs of my partner I usually get "hints" through out the year. And like most sensitive, caring males, I seem to forget what she tells me moments afterward. So, I switch to plan "B". (I ask her friends for help.)
  • How about writing her a letter with all the things you're so thankful for that she's done over the years. I've been divorced for 13 years but still have a box filled with letters & cards from him
  • Get away from it all. A nice hotel for a night with supper in the room (even take-out). And take that letter with you to read outloud to her. No T.V.
  • My husband once surprised me at work. He talked to my boss (without my knowledge) and arranged for me to have 1/2 a day off. He picked me up and took me to lunch, then we went to a movie I had been dying to see, and then went for a romantic dinner. It was best surpise and very romantic. My co-workers and boss still (years later) are talking about how romantic my husband is.
  • Weekend at a bed and breakfast. An all spa treatment: massage, mani/pedi, facial,and hair.
  • Take her to a lovely lookout, weather permitting of course, and set up a picnic lunch, dinner, etc. with her favorite foods and beverage.
  • whatever she wants to do
  • Candle light dinner in a fine restaurant.
  • You have to know what she is doing that day, so if she is working, I would arrange for a dozen roses to be delivered to her at work, and then have her come home to a nice hot bath and as she is in the bath, gather what she might wear for going out to dinner.
  • A couples massage at a spa.
  • Take her to favorite restaurant, Depending on the eatery dine by candlelight. Buy her wine unless she's alcoholic, Spoil her like crazy.
  • Take her to favorite restaurant, Depending on the eatery dine by candlelight. Buy her wine unless she's alcoholic, Spoil her like crazy.
  • Divorce did it for me - she's happier than a puppy in a room full of fire hydrants.
  • If she's a looker, why don't you sell her to me?😇
  • Get a couples massage.
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  • if you dont want to take her out for dinner ,cook her a meal that you can cook easily ..and wash up lol ..or order in take away and give her some lovely flowers.. try make up a loving poem telling her how she is adored by you etc

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