• One would think so; I don't know for certain. Bear in mind, though, that the pedestrian could later consult an attorney and you might have a whole new set of problems.
  • I agree.I would say this constitues a crime.Morally, I would also not feel right driving away.Also ,that pedestrian might look OK but how do you know-they would probably need to be checked out at the hospital.
  • No, its an accident and all accidents are required by law, to have a police officer to investigate. This pedestrian may have been ok then, but when you receive a lawsuit notice, you will understand why the police should have been called. The police are 3rd party witnesses. making a police report is your insurance policy against future lawsuits.
  • This will depend upon the law in the particular place you live. In Great Britain you are required to exchange name, address, insurance and vehicle details. The pedestrian would then have all the information needed to claim against your insurance policy. If these details aren't exchanged the Police must be informed.

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