• Squats - without weight added - will eventually reach a point where the muscle grows no larger. Growth is achieved by applying more mass or resistance causing the muscle to work harder, which in turn shreds muscle causing regrowth which usually results in thicker muscle fiber. Even exercises designed for muscle toning without mass increases mass. Usually what those exercises do is cause fat to be burned out of the muscle, which is then replaced with muscle tissue presenting one with the illusion of the same size when in fact the muscle itself has increased in thickness (size). Muscles react in two ways. One is the amount of weight it can move the other is how often it can move that weight around. We note that mass training programs (big muscle building routines) tell us to use high weight and low reps - this causes the muscle to react to more resistance causing the muscle to thicken faster so it can increase the amount of mass it raises. Muscle toning exercises (actually a bad term to use) increases the endurance of the muscle - it grows stronger and denser and slightly thicker to increase its ability to move mass around more.

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