• I don't think you would irritate your dad by saying you want to spend more time with him. Your profile says your a girl. Maybe your dad just never thinks to play catch with his daughter, and only his son. It may not even occur to him because society is so used to "father and son playing catch". How about you initiate the game of catch. Instead of waiting for your dad to ask you, you should ask him. I'm sure he'll say yes and get the hint you want in next time.
  • well it could be that your dad wants to get to know his son better and doesnt want to leave you out but just wanted to try and create a bond with his son that you two already have
  • Guess who is adopted then? Only kidding. But seriously you need to stop overthinking what your dad chooses to do. if it was a case of you asking him and he ignoring you to take out your brother then you would have a case.

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