• I do not think that anyone will be able to tell you for sure if she has cheated on your or not. Maybe she put one around a cucumber because she didn't want to get dirt inside her. Most likely though I would say yes. The best thing to do would be to confront her about this , but do not give up hope that my cucumber theory could be true.
  • I agree with fun2win. I have (more than once) used a condom over my vibrator, it saves having to run to the bathroom to clean it. Just ask her and see what kind of answer you get. But dont offer any of the possibilities you have thought of. Let her tell you, if u think it sounds fishy, or she takes too long to answer...reconsider the relationship.
  • honestly, i would jump into the conclusion and say yea. but before you interrogate her, dig deeper to see if there's any other sign. also ask yourself is you girl the type to scoop to the level of opening up her leg to another man.
  • Hi i have had the same issue my girl friend smelt as though she had used a latex (condom) i mean is there anything that could replicate this smell or am i failing to see the truth for what it is?
  • i had this with my boyfriend. i was so scared what the truth might be, i ignored it. its never happened since, but if it did again, i would confront him.
  • Yes she's cheating on you with a condom.
  • Does she have any sex toys? The reason I ask is sometimes (depending on what they're made of) they can leave a hint of an odor. If this is the case, toss it and buy her a new one!
  • Think about it like long did it take you to sleep with her?1 day or one month?that is an indication to see if she cheated on you.
  • Not necessarily. Talk to her
  • There is no smell of "latex" - what you actually"smell" is the fine power they put on it to make it easier to get on and off.
  • Her "privates" smell like latex? I'd tell her to shower more often.

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