• It is not nice to scare your rabbit by putting it in high places. A show said rabbits like to feel safe and do not like to be up high in the air. SO yes they are afraid of heights and it will make them nervous if you put them on a high counter top specially if it lineliumor not a soft service for their feet to be secure on. Be smart with your rabbits, you would be nervous if you were being put in weird places ur not used to.
  • We raise rescued eastern cottontails. Currently we have a male as a house rabbit. He went through a phase of jumping up onto objects. I found him balancing on the shade of a floorlamp one evening. On another occasion he had jumped from a chair onto top of the same floorlamp and then up onto the mantle above the fireplace. He still gets up onto the countertop in the kitchen during the night.
  • Not my bunny! He likes climbing boxes till the ceiling. That's how he exercises! But whenever i pick him up and start walking, he breathes hard. In this case, cover your rabbits eyes, and he won't mind being carried from one room to another one. Or try talking to your rabbit. This calms my bunny down.
  • Depends on what kind of heights you are on about? If it's the kind of being at the top of the stairs looking all the way down then it's not really a problem for some rabbits.
  • Rabbits are great climbers heights are not a problem
  • I've learned that bunnies like to climb and stuff- they just dont like being forced. Some bunnies that arent used to being picked up- like my rescue bunny Thumper- doesnt like to be held high- he would rather be cuddled on the floor. My other rabbit loved to jump up on the computer desk and flop out behind the screen.

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