• I am frightened my garden fence might blow down, or worse still, my house roof might blow off !! Thank heavens for thick duvets, which I can pull tight over my head, to keep me safe !!
    • Rick Myres
      Don't forget to wear a football helmet. -:)
    • Linda Joy
      Lol what kind of garden do you have? Definitely have to batten down the hatches when the wind kicks up!
  • sometimes , depending on whats going on, like last tuesday i came home and not even 5 minutes later it was storming bad, and it was hailing bad, i was upstairs in my apt, and i heard about the tornato warning so i decided to go downstairs so i wouldnt be on the top floor,it ended a couple of minutes later and it looked like it just snowed outside right in the middle of summer, weird, but at least it melted fast too. it was kind of scary cause ive never seen hail fall down so fast
  • Terrified. My mother in law was struck by lightening when they lived in Buffalo. We don't get severe T Storms like that in this part of Nor Cal fortunately, but I am still terrified. You will find me in the bathroom with a kindle and ear buds during even mild T Storms.
  • depends on how bad it is

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