• No, I don't think so. We have the right to vote, but we are not obligated to do so, like jury duty.
  • No, I vote only when what is to vote for agrees with my beliefs and understanding of what I would be voting for. I have not voted for president in many years because there has been no one I have felt was qualified for my vote. My vote is an abstained vote which in congress is a legal vote.
  • No...but (IMO) if one can perceive a "best" or "least bad" candidate among the candidates, then it is in fact one's moral responsibility to vote for that best or least bad candidate. Failing to do so is failing to do all the good for your fellow human beings that you are able to do, and in this instance a relatively simple and inexpensive thing to do. If you vote you might make a wrong choice, but you tried your best to do your best for your fellow human beings. If you don't vote, on principle, your principle is somehow overlooking the welfare of your fellow human beings.

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