• No, I don't think you have a mental problem. Something hurt you in the past and you make yourself defensive because of it. I am the same mainly because I don't trust people because of some things in my past. I too am a friendly person but am careful about what I say around others mainly because they do not understand what I am saying. You just continue to be yourself and don't let the world bother you.
    • KimoraVallier
      Aww this is so wholesome! Thank you! :)
  • only a psychiatrist can tell you that, maybe you should go see one if you think something is wrong
  • It don't seems to be mental issue in you, this is very common in every 2-3rd person. everyone think twice before replying to someone question or feedback. if still you have a doubt on yourself you discuss this with your love once, i am sure you will get some more better and useful advice. you consult some Counseller to hear you.
  • When in doubt, don't worry. A good sign of introspective!

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