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  • Agreed. I'm not so sure about the legalization of it as a good idea, but it should absolutely be De-criminalized. What people do in the privacy of their own home should be their own business. I'm all for private and medical use, I just don't want to see a group of people standing around a street corner or just outside the front door of an office building smoking pot just because it is legal.
    • Linda Joy
      Alcohol is legal but they don't usually sit around drinking it at lunch. Workplace rules are still going to prevail at work. And 'under the influence' will still apply as well.
    • Ice man
      Around here a lot of people go for a drink at lunch time (just not at the front door of the building). But as far as smoking goes ... they can't legally smoke (tobacco) in the work place anymore so they congregate outside the front door to smoke. Which is what I was referring to, I can easily see pot smokers thinking they have the same right when pot becomes legal here this summer.
  • It's an herb, dude!

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