• maybe no one likes her. The Clintons are disgusting people when you see Hillary talk about her deplorable list as just one example she is a disgusting person so is Bill.
  • The electoral college. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.
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  • It was for sure just an artifact of how elections are done in the USA. First off, Trump won in several large electoral vote states by a paper-thin plurality. For example, Michigan, went to Trump by 0.23% over Clinton. To put that into perspective, Gary Johnson, thought to have no chance of scoring in any state, received 4% of the vote in Michigan. Similar cases occurred in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. I think a lot of pundits counted on a small chance Trump might win in those states, but no one really figured it likely for him to win them all. So, if the election rules divided electoral votes proportionate to the popular vote, Clinton would have won. If a majority were required to win the state, Trump would not have won. If there had been run-offs, who knows. But, from a high level, I think what was going on was that the Democratic party voters just weren't that excited about Clinton, so they were more likely to stay home, thinking that reports on the news that Trump had such a small chance of winning meant that their vote wasn't required. Contrary to this, there was quite a bit of excitement over Trump, whether people liked or disliked him, so independent voters were more likely to get out and either vote for Trump or vote for a third party. So Trump got more votes in the states where it mattered, causing him to win by negative 2.1%.
  • Hillary Clinton won big in states that Democrats usually win. But in smaller states, were Democratic victories have been narrower in recent years, Donald Trump got more votes and therefore got the electoral votes and won the presidency.
  • Maybe because Tulsi Gabbard's description of her is accurate; "The queen of corruption in American politics". 11/8/23

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