• Yes, arming Ukraine to defeat Russia is in America’s interest. The US will continue to fill up Zelensky's bowl. 🥣
  • Ukraine had signed a treaty with the US, Russia, and the UK. That treaty stated that, should Ukraine ever be invaded, the USA and Russia would team up to protect them. Seeing as how Russia is the government who invaded, that leaves them with one obvious political option for protection.
  • He is begging everyone to help save his country.
  • NO, NOT unless you want Russia to move onto American soil!! It hasn't happened up to now because we were ready, willing, & able to STOP it. Get selfish, cheap, & lazy & it could easily happen!!! Zelensky is asking for help & the US is willing to help. He'd be a fool to say "no thank you" I prefer them to come from Europe!!! If your house was on fire, would you be choosy as to who brought the hose???
  • Many European nations are supplying Ukraine with weapons, ammunition, missile defence systems etc. and now tanks are due to be sent. The USA is being asked for more than the European nations because it is bigger than any European nation & has (& makes) more military equipment than any European nation.
    • 11stevo73
      Would you say The Lockheed Martin Corporation are doing well out of Ukriaine or Zelenskyy has all but sold Ukriane to Black Rock?
    • Professor Yaffle
      They're both possible. The morality of anybody who profits from war is open to question....
    • 11stevo73
      I doubt any western leader has any morals. The god of money trumps morals every time.
    • Professor Yaffle
      Sadly you are probably correct.
  • Yes the sucker and his money soon parted. He's all ready bleed Europe dry where has all that money gone and he wants more How much did his corrrupt officials steal? Where has all the equipment they have all ready been given gone?

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