• if hes bullying other senators getting things done for the better of the people of Georgia he can be a warewolf if he likes. It doesn't give much hope thou if thats all hes got to talk about. The only vampires I know of are the money sucking type. he doesnt want to spend money on dirty air from china does he.
  • I prefer to be a real, living human being, thank you very much.
  • He should remain a sports hero and never be a politician.
  • Walker is a dumbass hypocrite man with a history of violence against women and looks to be too many head injuries,. He says he suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder. Formerly known as multiple personality disorder. IDK if that's true. If he does every one of them are disturbing.
  • A vampire, cause the world is a vampire - sent to drain, bwahaha. 🧛‍♂️
  • That's a difficult decision - trading 50 years of education and experience for a chance to acquire a Peter Pan complex.
  • I prefer to have a candidate who has a grip on reality!!! Actually, it was a brilliant play on his part because as long as he said crazy shit, it kept the press busy & it meant that he didn't have to discuss his actual platform.

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